10 Reasons why you must watch ‘Goblin’


Top 10 Reasons to watch the Popular Kdrama ‘Goblin’

If you’re into Kdrama, you’ve probably heard a lot about ‘Goblin’ already. In case you’re not sure whether or not to give it a try, here I’m to help you out. You can thank me later. ūüėÄ

1. The unique story –¬†


I swear I had decided that I’d avoid ongoing dramas, (After Effect of¬†Moon Lovers), but the teaser videos of Goblin made me betray myself. The videos were so compelling I just couldn’t¬†stop myself from¬†diving into the awesomeness of ‘Goblin’. ūüėÄ And trust me, the same is bound to happen to you too.

2. The Cinematography –¬†


Drop dead gorgeous.¬†You won’t be able to take your eyes off the screen for a second.

3. The ‘Goblin and his bride’ –¬†


The Main OTP is downright adorable. I still don’t get why some fans are making a fuss about Eun Tak¬†being a teenager, cause it actually doesn’t make any sense. Kim Shin is like 900 years old and Eun Tak is 19.¬†You just can’t evaluate them as normal couples you know. ūüėČ

4. The Bromance –¬†


I really didn‚Äôt expect to fall for the bromance between a Goblin and a Grimreaper, but I did.¬†Some fangirls are hooked into this drama solely¬†for the bromance between these two immortal beings and it makes perfect sense. I¬†won’t be surprised if they get the best couple award in the future. ūüėõ Continue reading “10 Reasons why you must watch ‘Goblin’”

The Innocent Man – Kdrama Review


Title – The Innocent Man / Nice Guy
Starring – Song Joong Ki, Moon Chae Won, Park Si Yeon, Lee Kwang Soo
Melodrama, Romance, Revenge

Status – Complete

Story –¬†In order to stop his childhood lover Jee Hee (Park Si Yeon) from going to¬†prison,¬†Kang Ma Roo (Song Joong Ki)¬†decides¬†to take the blame instead and turns himself to police. Meanwhile, Jee Hee betrays him and marries the owner of a big company.¬†After 5 years¬†Ma Roo¬†gets out of jail and¬†becomes a bartender, having no other options left¬†to survive and take care of his family. One day he meets a young woman named Seo Eun Gi (Moon Chae Won) and saves her life, coincidentally it turns out that Jae Hee is her step mother. The whole situation gets even more complicated when Kang Ma Roo decides to take revenge and Seo Eun Gi falls in love with him.

My thoughts/Review – TheSong Joong Ki’ fever being still on, I was desperately looking for some of his previous works and found this drama ‘The innocent man’, a name I never heard before. (Sorry :P) As much as I love Rom-com series, Melodrama is one of my favorite genres as well. So I started watching the series solely on a whim and ended up finding a hidden gem. ūüôā Continue reading “The Innocent Man – Kdrama Review”

My thoughts on ‘Sakamichi No Apollon’

Anime¬†Review –¬†Sakamichi No Apollon¬†


Name –¬†Sakamichi No Apollon / Kids On The Slope
– Slice of Life, Romance, Drama, Josei

Episode – 12
Status – Complete

Story –¬†Nishimi Kaoru has moved from city to city and school to school because of his father‚Äôs job, so having his first day at a new school was just routine for him. Being intellectual in addition to being a transfer student all the time, he has always been seen as an outcast. All he has had to do was bear it as usual until the next time he moved.
But things were slightly different this time. First, he started to get close to the class president, Mukae Ritsuko, and secondly, unlikely as it seemed, he grew closer to Kawabuchi Sentaro. Sentaro was infamous for getting into fights, skipping class and was an overall bad boy. Strangely enough, the three of them find common ground in music, namely jazz, and Kaoru finds himself actually enjoying the new town. *Source Mangafox

My review / Thoughts –¬†

Ever wanted to just sit back and escape from reality by diving into the depth of love, friendship & melody? Then ‘Sakamichi No apollon‘ is the best choice for you. The show being a bit under-rated, I was really surprised by how much I loved it. In my opinion, it’s one of those few Anime around that are true to their manga counterparts, or even better in some aspects. Intense story, real-life characters, ups and downs of emotions, and lastly, Music; all these features instantly made the show one of my favorites. This anime is something that I will remember for many many years.

sakamichi no apollon gif

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Kyoukai No Kanata – Review

Anime Review – Kyoukai No Kanata / Beyond The Boundary

Name –¬†Kyoukai No Kanata / Beyond The Boundary
Genre – Fantasy, Supernatural, Comedy, Romance
Episodes – 12
Status – Complete

Summary –¬†Akihito Kanbara is a high school sophomore in the literature club who believes himself to be a “Meganest”, and although he appears to be human, he is actually half YŇćmu, which makes him invulnerable to wounds, due to the fact that he can heal so quickly, and also immortal. One day, Akihito meets freshman Mirai Kuriyama when it appears as if she is about to attempt suicide by jumping off of the school rooftop. Mirai is isolated because of her ability to manipulate blood, which is considered heresy even among other members of the underworld, so she is shunned. Soon after Akihito saves Mirai, disturbing events begin to arise. *Source ANN

My Review/Thoughts –¬†

A supernatural Anime with a good amount of comedy and romance, Kyoukai No Kanata was definitely something I was looking forward to. However probably because of my high expectations, the¬†show¬†failed to¬†affect me the way I thought it would. No, I¬†wouldn’t say it was thoroughly disappointing, but the overall impression was not quite¬†satisfactory. Even though the Anime¬†had it’s flaws, it can’t also be denied that it¬†had¬†few¬†awesome moments at the same time.

Talking about the negative¬†parts, I think the supernatural theme just didn’t work out, cause the whole set up was more fitting for the school life or slice of life genre. The way the show started, a darker tone was¬†naturally expected, but as the story progressed it was falling short in this regard.¬†

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Kdrama Review – I Can Hear Your Voice

I Hear Your Voice – Review

Drama –¬†I Can Hear Your Voice / I hear your voice
Starring –¬†Lee Bo-Young, Lee Jong-Suk , Yoon Sang-Hyun.
Genre –¬†Drama, Romance, Comedy, Tragedy, Angst.
Episodes –¬†18
Status – Complete
IMDB Rating – 8.4/10

Summary –¬†After overcoming poverty and a difficult childhood, Jang Hye-sung (Lee Bo-young) becomes a lawyer, specifically a public defender, but she is pragmatic, self-preserving and jaded. Her life changes when she encounters Park Soo-ha (Lee Jong-suk), a high school senior with the supernatural ability to read other people’s thoughts by looking into their eyes, and cop-turned-lawyer Cha Gwan-woo (Yoon Sang-hyun) who is cheerful and idealistic, though a bit of a dork. Soo-ha gained his mind-reading ability after witnessing his father getting murdered ten years previously. His father’s death had initially been dismissed as a car accident until Hye-sung, then a high school girl (Kim So-hyun), gave decisive testimony in court despite the killer’s threats (Jung Woong-in), and Soo-ha has been searching for her ever since. As Hye-sung works with Soo-ha and Gwan-woo, she gradually lets go of her pursuit of money and glory. Together, this unlikely team use unconventional methods on their cases, proving that while sometimes justice is blind to a fault, she can still hear your voice. *Source Wikipedia

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Korean Movie Review – Penny Pinchers

Name – Penny Pinchers / Love & Cash
Year Released: 2011

Starring: Han Ye Seul, Song Joong Ki
IMDB Rating – 6.8/10

Story – Ji-woong is a loser who can’t find a job so he lies to his mom for money, but his mom abruptly cuts him off one day, and he becomes homeless. But that same day, salvation arrives in the form of Hong-sil who’s extremely stingy. Her hobby is visiting the bank to make savings deposits, and her specialty is selling empty glass bottles and old newspapers for cash. One day, her savings plans are brought to a screeching halt when she learns she needs a separate bank account under someone else’s name to reach her goal of 20 million dollars. That’s when Ji-woong comes into the picture. *Source IMDB

My Review/Thoughts РMy reason for watching the movie was Song Joong Ki Oppa, and it made me fall in love with him even more!! The movie was a hidden gem. To be honest, it was nothing extraordinary, but it felt nice and relaxing to watch the movie. The main leads were really cute together and the chemistry between them seemed perfect to me.

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Parasyte The Maxim – Review

  Kiseijuu sei no Kakuritsu / Parasyte The Maxim РReview

Shinichi IzumiMigi

Name РParasyte The Maxim / Kiseijuu Sei no Kakuritsu
Genres Action, Horror, Supernatural, Psychological
Episodes –¬†24

Status Finished Airing

Plot – One night, alien Parasites comes to earth and attempts to take over Human minds by entering into their bodies. That would have been the case with ‘Izumi Shinichi‘ as well, but the parasite fails and ends up taking over his right hand instead. He names the parasite ‘Migi‘ and they start co-operating with each other. The story goes on as tragic incidents occur and Shinichi is forced to fight other Parasites with the help of Migi.

My Review/Thoughts – ‘Parasyte The Maxim’ was one of the most Hyped Anime of the season. Even though I strictly avoid Horror Anime, I ended up watching it cause the story of the Anime seemed very interesting to me. An anime about Parasites taking over human minds and eating them alive sounds thrilling enough to me!

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Ao Haru Ride Live Action Review


Ao Haru Ride/Blue Spring Ride Review

Name – Ao Haru Ride (Blue Spring Ride)
Genre – Romance, Drama, Slice Of Life
Director: Takahiro Miki
Duration  Р2 hours

IMDB Rating – 6.9/10

Story –¬†In a middle school, Yoshioka liked Kou who was unlike the other boys and quite gentle. Kou then moved away and they lost contact but in high school she meets Kou again. But now, he is not the same person anymore. *Source IMDB

My Review/Thoughts –¬†I usually don’t prefer watching Live action movies, but I decided to give this movie a try anyways since Ao Haru Ride was¬†one of my most favorite Anime. I wasn’t expecting much to be honest cause I¬†have¬†already watched quite a few Japanese live action movies and I know most of them turns out to be a disappointment. However¬†Ao haru Ride surprisingly lived up my¬†expectation. Despite all it’s flaws, I didn’t feel it was a waste of time to watch it.¬†

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Splash Splash Love – Kdrama Review

poster (1)

Name – Splash Splash Love
Genre – Romance, Fantasy, History

Episodes – 2 (10 short episodes)
Status – Complete
IMDB rating – 8.6/10

Story – Dan-Bi (Kim Seul-Gi) is a senior high school student. She has a special ability which allows her to transport to anywhere on rainy days. For her university entrance exam, Dan-Bi can’t deal with the pressure and runs off to a playground. Without knowing why, she goes into a puddle and finds herself transported to the Joseon period. There, she meets Lee Do (Yoon Doo-Joon). He is a young King of the Joseon period. Lee Do is in a difficult situation due to droughts and the spread of an epidemic. *Source asianwiki

My thoughts – The drama was downright enjoyable. It was only 2 episodes long but it¬†managed¬†to capture all the¬†positive aspects. I used to¬†avoid¬†historical¬†dramas cause I had this¬†feeling that they¬†tend¬†to be¬†somewhat¬†boring. How wrong I was!¬†The fusion of history and present life was thoroughly fun to watch and the romance between a high school girl and a king was like the cherry on top. ūüôā Starting from the very first moment the drama managed to get me hooked¬†and the enjoyment remained till¬†the last moment of the show.¬†

Yoon Do-joon and Kim Seul-gi¬†were the perfect casts¬†for the characters. Their chemistry, comedic performance and acting made the show worth watching multiple times.¬†Kim Seul Gi gave life to the character ‘Dan bi‘, who was a funny & quirky high school girl burdened with¬†pressure from studies. She had the potential within, but was¬†not confident enough regarding her entrance exam¬†which made her want to disappear to a distant land. Which is what happened, and we got to see our King Yoon Do joon. He was charming, caring and funny as well. I enjoyed every screen time of the main leads. Their connection¬†was¬†pure and heartfelt. Whether it was doing maths together or hugging, they looked adorable¬†in everything. ūüôā

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My thoughts on ‘Hirunaka No Ryuusei’


Name  РHirunaka No Ryuusei
Author – Yamamori Mika
Status – Complete (2011-1015)
Genre – Romance, Slice of Life, Shoujo, School Life, Comedy.

Summary –¬†Suzume Yosano has lived deep in Japan’s countryside all her life until she’s forced to move to Tokyo to stay with her uncle. A new city, a new crowd, and a new tall, dark haired peculiar stranger that just happens to be her homeroom teacher.
Daytime Shooting Star is about a young girl’s experience of the heartbeat of first love, and the agony of what comes after. *Source Mangafox

My thoughts – Before I start with my thoughts on this Manga, let me tell you beforehand, I knew about the ending right from the beginning. To be honest the ending was what made me think “I need to read this Manga”. So there are chances that my review is biased. Deal with it okay. ūüôā

Okay so how do I put it, I don’t know if words will do justice¬†expressing my feeling for this Manga. To me, ‘Hirunaka no Ryuusei’ was probably one the most wonderful Manga I’ve come across till now. It was not just another typical shoujo Manga with full of cliche stuffs, rather it was matured and more realistic. The way every single pages of this Manga touched the deepest parts of my heart, the way it made me cry over fictional characters, I don’t remember when was the last time I felt like this while reading a Manga online.

The name of the Manga ‘Hirunaka No Ryuusei’, which means daytime shooting start, itself had a lot of meaning in the Manga. Suzume Yosano, the main female character of the Manga was an adorable brave girl, who moved to Tokyo from the countryside. With the passing of time she fell in love with her homeroom teacher Shishio. To¬†Suzume, Shishio was like a daytime shooting star. The whole ‘falling in love for the first time’ thing was so beautifully executed that it still aches my heart.¬†The story may not seem anything extraordinary, main girl falling in love with the main guy, what was so different about it? The ans is, it was the beautiful execution of the plot. It was a story that made readers realize that it’s okay to move on in life¬†and find new love.

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