10 Reasons why you must watch ‘Goblin’


Top 10 Reasons to watch the Popular Kdrama ‘Goblin’

If you’re into Kdrama, you’ve probably heard a lot about ‘Goblin’ already. In case you’re not sure whether or not to give it a try, here I’m to help you out. You can thank me later. 😀

1. The unique story – 


I swear I had decided that I’d avoid ongoing dramas, (After Effect of Moon Lovers), but the teaser videos of Goblin made me betray myself. The videos were so compelling I just couldn’t stop myself from diving into the awesomeness of ‘Goblin’. 😀 And trust me, the same is bound to happen to you too.

2. The Cinematography – 


Drop dead gorgeous. You won’t be able to take your eyes off the screen for a second.

3. The ‘Goblin and his bride’ – 


The Main OTP is downright adorable. I still don’t get why some fans are making a fuss about Eun Tak being a teenager, cause it actually doesn’t make any sense. Kim Shin is like 900 years old and Eun Tak is 19. You just can’t evaluate them as normal couples you know. 😉

4. The Bromance – 


I really didn’t expect to fall for the bromance between a Goblin and a Grimreaper, but I did. Some fangirls are hooked into this drama solely for the bromance between these two immortal beings and it makes perfect sense. I won’t be surprised if they get the best couple award in the future. 😛

5. OST – 

Goblin has the most perfect OST ever! The songs are unique and make the scenes stand out in the most splendid way. 

6. Adorable Eun Tak – 

You just can’t possibly imagine how adorable Kim Go Eun actually is in her role as an adolescent schoolgirl until you see for yourself. If you ask me I’d bluntly say that I’m loving everything about Eun Tak in this drama.


And this adorable smile of her is to die for. ❤

7. Gong Yoo –


Goblin made me more attracted to Gong Yoo than I have ever been before. The charming and cool Goblin who turns into an adorable dork time to time, what’s not to love about him?

8. Second Lead Couple – 


2nd lead couples tend to get boring sometimes, but that’s not the case here. Sunny is a very interesting character, and weird as well, and the grim reaper matches her insanity perfectly. They make a wonderful couple together.

9. Aesthetics – 


Truly a treat for the eyes. 

10. Yook Sung-Jae – 


Last but not the least, Yook Sung-Jae. He has become one of my favorites while watching this drama.  His mischievous activities will definitely put a grin on your face. 🙂



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