Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo – Quotes

Korean Drama Quotes – Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

|Episode 1 &2|

“I want to do whatever I can to survive and live. I want to live” – Hae Soo

# “He understands animals better than he understands the words of people.” 

# “Trust is the promise of a prince.” – Wang So

|Episode 3|

# “I want until I can see her again.” – Wang Wook

# “I should do whatever I can to live. Am I supposed to just die? Is it a crime … to want to live?” – Hae Soo

# “I liked the feeling of someone becoming special, thanks to me.  The feeling that I was needed. It was a delusional thought that I could make someone happy. I had been completely betrayed.” – Hae Soo

|Episode 4|

# “Today is a day you will remember. You threw me away, mother. However, I will not leave. From now on you’ll only have to look at me.” – Wang So

# “Every time I see you, you tell me to forget I saw you.” – Hae Soo

# “Whatever your worries are, you’ll forget them once you play.” 

# “You need to share your burdens in order to lighten them.” – Hae Soo

# “Eat your meals properly. Sleep well too. Try not to have bad dreams if you can.” – Hae Soo


# “I’m most scared of myself. Not you, Your Highness. Even though they’re my feelings, I can’t figure out where they’re headed. No matter how much I try to change direction… it’s not working.” – Hae Soo

|Episode 5 & 6|

# “Why couldn’t I say it ?I knew she wanted so badly to hear it. I couldn’t tell her I loved her. I did not think I did. But Soo … those feelings were love. I thought I was just grateful. It was love. I thought she was just comforting. It was love. What should I do now ? I should have told her. She had waited so long.” – Wang Wook

#”It’s not because I like you. I just don’t want to see you live a life controlled by others. It’s really not worth living like that.” –  Wang So

# “This place always treats people like they are property. Just wait a thousand years. There is no one above any other person. There is no one below you.” – Hae Soo

# “You could be living well and just end up dying one day. You can fall right out of the sky then end up living in a place like this. So just follow your heart and live. Do everything you want to do and live however you want.” – Hae Soo

# “I’ll become someone who is needed.” – Hae Soo

|Episode 7|

# “No one can save me but myself.” – Hae Soo

# “Don’t do this again. I won’t ever forgive you.” – Wang So

# “Where is this place? – Hae Soo
It’s a lake called Dongji. It’s the first place the sun rises in the palace. – Wang So
What kind of place is the palace? – Hae Soo
A place that’s hard to enter and even harder to leave. You end up dying if you trust anyone. You’ll live if you remain alert and wary of those closest to you. It’s a place like that.” – Wang So

# “No matter how many times you are reborn. You’ll eventually have to pay for what you’ve done.”

|Episode 8 & 9|


# “If it is you… I can put myself in your hands. Do whatever you want. Now I am yours.” – Wang So

# “It’s funny. I’m starting to like myself this way.” – Wang So

# “Don’t push me away. Don’t tell me to leave. Don’t tell me that I bring misfortune and that I’m an animal. At the very least, you can’t do that to me.” – Wang So

# “You are my person.” – Wang So

# “You are my person. You belong to me. You are mine. …  you can not die either. You are completely my person.” – Wang So

|Episode 10 & 11|


# “Should we just run away? If you want to, I would do it.” – Wang So

# “Take this. I wanted to give you something like this.” – Wang So
I was only trying to help you, Your Highness. I never asked you for your heart. – 
Try running away from me then. You can throw it away if you want. – Wang So

# “I also protected what I wanted to protect, now I need to pay for it. I have no regrets.” – Court Lady Oh

# “It’s enough for me to be remembered by one person.” – Court Lady Oh


# “If I had known…that I would cause someone else’s death, I wouldn’t have tried so hard to live.” – Hae Soo

# “If I had known someone would die because of me, I would not have been so greedy to live again. If only this was a dream… if only I could wake up without remembering any of this,” If I had known I would cause someone’s death… I wouldn’t have tried so hard to live.” – Hae Soo

|Episode 13 & 14|

# “Are you trying to make me give up on you or… Do you want me to look only at you?” – Wang So

# “Whenever I come to you, all my problems seem to become lighter. So, how can I live without seeing you? If you’re not going to come to me, don’t give me hope either. For me… it is torture.” – Wang So

# “On the day we went on the boat, you said you had something important to tell me. You didn’t actually forget, did you? What was it?” – Hae Soo
# “I love you.” – Wang So

# “Wolves are known to follow one female wolf until death.” – 

|Episode 15 & 16| –

# “I have done nothing wrong. Why am i still feeling alone?” – 

# “It would have been nice to live like this the whole time.” – 


# “I’ll be waiting for you.” – Hae Soo

# “It’s not over for me yet. Just bear with me, since you left on your own without my consent. I deserve at least this much. Are you sleeping well? Eating well?
Do you still … resent me?” –  Hae Soo

# “You said you didn’t like me anymore. That was a lie, right? This isn’t the palace, and the king isn’t watching. I wanted to ask you this. I risked my life and I left the palace. There wasn’t a day that I wasn’t waiting for two years. I wanted to go back to that time, I wished for it again and again. So, I wanted to tell you I trust you. I will ask you again. Answer me, and don’t lie. Answer me. Do you still love me?” – Hae Soo


# “I thought that if I didn’t change the people I trusted and liked wouldn’t change either. I was wrong, though.” – Hae Soo

|Episode 18 & 19|

 # “You should do a better proposal. You said you had to speak to me at the prayer tower. Do you think I am stupid? You were going to propose to me there, weren’t you?” – Hae Soo

# “I won’t let you go.” – Wang So


# “You are my only queen.” – Wang So

# “I didn’t know she would die. She only told me I could save you if I wrote those doctrines… I only wanted to save you. It’s like grabbing onto a rotting rope, but I wrote them. I didn’t know what would happen, but even if I had I would have done the same. To me, you’re more important.” – Wang So

|Episode 20|

# “In this lifetime, our intertwined fates end here.” 

# “If I had not met him, I would not yearn for him. 
If I did not know him, I would not think of him so much.
If we had not been together, I wouldn’t have to disappear.
If I did not treasure him so much, I wouldn’t have so many memories.
If I did not love him… we wouldn’t need to throw each other away. 
If we had not been face-to-face, we would have never been together.
Perhaps… If I had not met you at all.” – Hae Soo

# “I’m sorry…I’m sorry for leaving you alone. Sorry…sorry.” – Hae Soo

# “If we are not from the same world, I will find you, My Soo.” – Wang So

# “Life is fleeting.” – Wang So

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