Missing Nine – Kdrama Quotes


Kdrama Quotes – Missing Nine

# “After the plane crashed and I woke up, I thought I was the only survivor.”

# “Do you think people will come to rescue me?”

# “We are on a deserted Island.”

# “I’m going to live. I won’t lose hope and give up, and I won’t run away out of fear. I’m going to live until the end! I will struggle until I crack all of my nails. And if that’s still not good enough… Then I will die.”

# “Dating doesn’t necessary mean love.” 
#”Don’t put other people before you. Don’t go into the water by yourself to find food for everyone. Don’t get yourself in danger for other people. I’ll help the others for you. I’ll go into the water and do all the dangerous things. So please. Don’t do anything. Got it?”


#”Don’t you want to live?”
“It’s meaningless to live alone. ”

#It’s possible that we die here without being rescued. However, I’ll do everything to survive. I won’t give up in despair or run away because of fear. I’ll survive. I’ll try everything to survive. If I can’t, then I’ll die. But let’s not give up and try to survive until then.

#” I am sorry for leaving you alone here.”

#”Don’t sit there with your legs crossed and a smirk on your face unless you think you can handle this. Save that attitude for someone you can handle”.

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