Hwarang Kdrama Quotes


Korean Drama Quotes – Hwarang

# “Your sister is very strange. But she is pretty like you said.”

# “If she lives, you will be in danger”
“If she dies you will witness how dangerous I can become”

# “It’s only those who possess a lot who fear. If you don’t have anything, you don’t fear anything.”

# “He is curious about many things and smiles often.”

# “She is my subject, hence I must protect her.”

#I have someone who would risk their life for me, I was happy enough with the knowledge that I have someone who cherishes me. I thought, “Even if I die here, I have no regrets.”

# “If you’re scared you must be careful.” 

# “Being young and weak is not a sin.”

# “Kneel, I’m your master.”

# “I will live as your man and not anyone’s king.” 

#“If I say I like you very much and thus I want to farm with you,
have children, and live as an average person, would you live with me? 


# “I cannot do anything for you. I have no wealth, and I do not have silver which you like so much. I may not even have a decent house. However, I am saying… I will trade the throne of Silla for you.”

# “Will you go with me? No. Please go with me.”

# “It is fine if he is not your brother. It is fine even if you liked him.
But come to me now. I will live as your man and not anyone’s king.”

“She is everything to me. It’s neither because I want her nor need her. The only reason I’m alive and breathing is her.” ~ Sun Woo (Hwarang) 

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