Bride of The Water God – Kdrama Quotes


Korean Drama Quotes – Bride of The Water God

∇ “I remembered that you often stand in front of the street lamp and contemplate how you will get your powers back, so I thought you’d be…”

∇ “You should just do a good job at your own duties instead of roaming around”

∇ “I am the god of the water, to-be king of Water Country and to-be emperor of the Realm of the Gods! I am Habaek.”

∇ “You’re not some distant sound that will fade away. I’m saying you’re not an insignificant, fleeting matter. That’s how I’ve come to think of you. I want to hold you and kiss you. I want you to be my first and last. I want my mind filled with thoughts of you. When they overflow, I want them to just let them be. I want my jealousy to be justified, and I don’t want to feel guilty even after punching someone. But to do that, I must begin. Like you said, our pre destined future won’t change, but may I begin?” (Epi 11)

∇ “Even if we have to part ways, I want to be able to convince myself that I loved enough.”

∇ “The one who has more should naturally help the one who has less. It’s also natural the strong to protect the weak. That’s how the world should be.”

∇ “Why do humans need money so badly?
‘Because money means happiness’
Because money will make you happy, that means what you need is happiness.”

∇ “Believing what you want to believe is your truth. Because that’s easier and less tiring.”

∇ “People can survive anything…
With the strength they have 
But life would be better with love.”

∇ “Why do you keep acting like you don’t know how I feel when you clearly do? Sheesh. It must have been difficult for you play dumb about this for so long and it was difficult for me to bear this for a long time, too. And yet, we managed to.”

∇ “How do you differentiate a truth from a lie? It’s always true when you believe what you want to believe. Because that’s less difficult and easier for you to manage. In this way, some truths blind people.” (Epi 3)

∇ “I just made a mistake that others do. I started relying on people without realizing it and having expectations for them. And the worst part was that I opened up to them.
It feels wrong because they’re going to leave anyway.”

∇ “Isn’t it merely that you are the only one who is unaware of which direction your heart is trying to fall in? 
If you keep trying to force yourself to steer in the other direction you’ll fall over and fall ill.”

∇ “No one should criticize you for your sad past, because no one chooses when and where to be born.”

∇ “What is this? Why is the water black? There are nicer colors.”

∇ “My future? My dreams? Yes, I suppose I did have those things at one time. And right now, I’m paying the price of having a dream that was too big to handle.”

∇ I’ll always choose you over her.”

∇ “Believing what you want to believe is your truth. Because that’s easier and less tiring.”

∇ “Yesterday, the humans on TV were saying that nobody exists for the sake of someone else. That’s wrong, though. I can confidently say that I exist solely for your sake.”

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