My Secret Romance – Quotes

Korean Drama Quotes – My Secret Romance

♦”You planned this from the start, didn’t you? You wanted to get back at me for playing dumb… That’s why you were nagging me. Fine, I remember everything. I was lying. I remember the resort, the winewhat we did on the beach! I remember it all.”

♦ “Whether I’m at home or at work, someone is always bothering me.”

♦ “I only eat the food that she makes. Because she’s my personal nutritionist.That’s why no one can tell her what do to, except me.”


♦ “I’ll go wherever my heart takes me. Let’s see how far it takes us.”

♦ “Go get her. Are you going to let her get away? People always make fun of the way I dress. They say its tacky, unflattering, strange, and that I’m crazy. I know that. I know everything, but I play dumb, act calm and firm.
I just ignore it. Why? Because I like the way I dress. Because I want to do it.
Because this makes me happy.”

♦ “I have made a lot of pretty women cry. You are the only one who’s been pretty when you cry.”

♦ “I was thankful to you earlier today. Nothing is working out for me these days… and I’m so lonely… I was having a really hard time. But, no one ever asked me if I was all right. You were the first to ask. You were the first to ask me if I’m okay. It’s not even a big deal, but those words… strangely comforted me.”

♦ “It really feels like a dream.”

♦ “I thought about you quite often. Whenever I drank wine, whenever I came here.”

♦ “Because you disappeared without a word, I couldn’t date anyone. And I couldn’t eat nor sleep properly. I just worked to the bone until I couldn’t work anymore.”


♦ “I didn’t forget about you for a single moment. So tell me how you felt. If you don’t tell me, there is no way of knowing.”

♦ “A family has nothing to worry about. All you gotta do is be together. That’s all it takes.”

♦ “I’ve already decided that you’ll no longer be alone.”

♦ “I’m going to follow my heart for now.”

♦ “A vacation is like … dating. The way your heart races with excitement before a vacation. The fun you have while learning about a new place. The sadness you feel when the vacation ends and you go back home. In these ways, it’s quite similar to dating.”

♦ “Even if two minus one could be one, me minus you cannot be one.”

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