Master’s Sun Quotes

Kdrama Quotes – Master’s Sun

# “Why should I be afraid of a dead person? The living are scarier.” – Kong Sil (Episode 1)

# “Even if the first thing you noticed about me was my money…
It doesn’t matter. Even though beauty fades over time, and perky breasts will come to sag…but my money will never dry up.” – Joo Sung Ran (Episode 3)


# “Don’t compete with your past but rather expect great things
from your future and love your present self.” – Kang Woo (Episode 4)

# “The reason why I can´t tell you everything about myself is because I´m really happy that somebody likes me. Because I´m afraid that if you know, you´ll run away.” (Episode 5)

# “When your heart doesn’t tell you the truth, the pain will tell you the answer.”
 – Kong Shil (Episode 8)

# “Covering the wounds makes it hurt more.” – Tae Kong Sil (Episode 9)


# “Because the woman I love is the sun that shines brightly in the sky.” – Joong Won (Episode 17)


# “I might make things difficult for you, or become an inconvenience to you. But, I don’t want to be sad and lonely without you. I’m going to remain at your side. Because you’re very special to me. I love you. I’ll remain forever at your side, and love you eternally. My name Tae Gong Sil. I’m your sun (Tae Yang). Can i rise by your side?” – Kong Sil (Episode 17)

# “I cannot accept this invitation. Because an invitation means that you leave after a brief visit. I have no intentions of doing that. I’m going to continue to live forever by your side. I’ve never once let you go. Because, without Tae Gong Sil as the sun in my world, my world would crumble and fall apart” – Joong Won (Episode 17)

# “But the one thing I can guarantee is that if you choose love, you’ll never feel lonely. Giving a loving glance, and sharing a warm meal together…and all those other shining moments filled with love and laughter…will become your reward for loving someone unconditionally like that.” – Kong Sil (Episode 17)


# “Sometimes people find the most unexpected things along their path. There are times when they find themselves in an unexpected place during their travels. They think of it as unexpected luck, or even perhaps a sign of misfortune. But they’re not all just coincidences….it was a right turn.” – Kong Sil

“All I do is just listen to you and keep my eyes on you. I didn’t realize what was happening because all I could do was stare at you. Now that I think about it, I’ve been spellbound by you.” – Joong Won

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