W Two Worlds Kdrama Quotes

 Kdrama Quotes – ‘W’ / W Two Worlds 


#”She is the key to my life” – Kang Chul

# “Rather than being eaten up by him, I’ll eat him up instead.” – Oh Seung Moo

# “I’m always not confident because I’m not talented.” – Yeon Joo

# “If she is beautiful, everyone is beautiful.” – Kang Chul

# “How could it be a murder if the creator destroys its own creature?” – Oh Seung Moo

# “Just because it’s not a lie doesn’t mean it’s true.” – Kang Chul

#”Gosh. You’re such an unpredictable woman. You suddenly showed up, slapped me in the face, kissed me, disappeared, and showed up again. Now, you suddenly take your clothes off and point a gun at me.” – Kang Chul


# “I’m someone who’s hoping for you to have a happy ending. I’m your fan.” – Yeon Joo

# “I found out later, the reason I was the only one who kept getting summoned here; it was because this man said I was the key to his life. At that point, the heroine of this webtoon had already changed from Yoon So-hee to Oh Yeon-joo.” – Yeon Joo

#”If I hear it one more time, I might get swayed.” – Kang Chul

# “It was as if it was a punishment to the one who became aware.” – Yeon Joo

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