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KDrama Quotes – Descendants of the Sun

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|Episode 1|

# “I never interrupt my enemies when they are making mistakes.” – Yoo Si Jin

# “When can we talk to each other without our ranks between us?” – Yoon Myeong Joo



# “I do not have the skills to explain the things of the heart.” – Seo Dae Young

# “We learn to get beat up first before we learn to hit others.” – Seo Dae Young

# “Doctors don’t have boyfriends because they’re too busy.” –  Yoo Si Jin
“Soldiers don’t have girlfriends because it’s too hard (too much work).” – Kang Mo Yeon

|Episode 2|

# “I fight for life. But your fight .. is to protect others through death.” – Kang Mo Yeon

# “The reason we do what we do … is because it must be done. I believe that I fight for the peace and freedom of the land we live on.” – Yoo Si Jin

# “I believe that life is sanctified, and that no value or ideology is above is. ” – Kang Mo Yeon

# “Guns are not like dogs. They don’t recognize their owners. If I shoot, you’ll get shot.” – Yoo Si Jin

descendants of the sun quote

# “I think we’re bumping into each other while we pass by.” – Yoo Si Jin

|Episode 3|

# “Don’t give out unless you have for everyone.” – Yoo Si Jin

# “This is the end of something when it’s bewitched by a beautiful thing.” – Yoo Si Jin


# “Have you ever been bewitched?” – Kang Mo Yeon
“I have and I think you know.” – Yoo Si Jin

| Episode 4|

# “The doctor will save her patient and I will protect what I have to.” – Yoo Si Jin

# “Don’t you think you worry about too many men? Don’t be such a flirt! As of this moment, you can only worry about me. – Yoo Si Jin

# “Today, every call my superior office made was right, justify & honorable.” – Seo Dae Young

# “I ran away because it was an order, it wasn’t my own will.” – Seo Dae Young

# “You are just the person I was looking for. But you shouldn’t be here.” – Yoon Myeong Joo

# “You can’t be happy if you have regrets.” – Seo Dae Young

# “War is easy and Peace is always an issue. Perhaps that’s why dictators always live long.” – Yoo Si Jin

# “It’s my belief that … a life chasing after money is better than being chased by money.” – Kang Mo Yeon

# “Soldiers always live with a shroud on. When you die in a nameless land for the sake of their country … the place of their your becomes your grave and your uniform becomes your shroud. This should be your mindset every time you on your uniform. Therefore, be honorable at every moment. There’s no reason to fall short.” – Yoo Si Jin

# “No matter how big or small, all my decisions include my comrades’ honor, glory and their call to duty.” – Yoo Si Jin

|Episode 5|

# “If you are reading this letter that means we have parted once again and my father has ordered you to leave once again. I’m sorry I’m the kind of woman who stand in man’s way. But I still sit here and ask how you are doing yet you cannot find an answer to my question. We’re probably far away from each other again. I’m sorry for running to you again knowing this will happen. I’m sorry for running into your arms with all my heart. I’m sorry I regret not holding your hands enough & not hugging you enough. I’m sorry that I still love you.”  – Yoon Myeong Joo


# “Should I apologize … or confess my love?” – Yoo Si Jin

|Episode 6|

# “You are very charming but dangerous. I don’t like it. Everytime I catch your eyes, I am charmed.” – Kang Mo Yeon

# “I should’t have received an apology. I should have held him. And I should have confessed my love.” – Kang Mo Yeon

# “I am the one who missed all the opportunities. How could he have loved me.” – Kang Mo Yeon

# “You never know. Today’s plan might change tomorrow.” – Danielle Spencer

# “If you’re a doctor act like one.” – Doc Song Sang Hyun

# “I’ve been given the permission to be a doctor, I faithfully bow to give my life to serve humanity. The health and life of my patient will be my priority. I will faithfully carry out my duties towards my patients … regardless of their race, religion or nationality. I will not use my knowledge inhumanely even when I’m under threat. I hereby take this oath on my account and on behalf of my honour.” – Kang Mo Yeon

# “Do not get hurt. If we get hurt, we can’t save the people who need to be rescued.” – Yoo Si Jin

# “Do not get hurt. This is an order. Keep that order with your life!” – Yoon Myeong Joo

# “I’ve been regretting .. not saying goodbye to you before I left on that day.” – Yoo Si Jin

|Episode 7|

# “There is no best decision at rescue fields. We just solve problem .. that are in front of us.” – Yoo Si Jin

# “My wife and I couldn’t spend much time together, we spent more time looking at each other’s photos. Seems like she will have to do that for the rest of her life from now on.”

# “I’ll give only the right orders.” – Yoo Si Jin

# “I really missed you.  No matter what I did, I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I tried tiring myself out. I tried very hard to forget. I drank and did everything I could. But I still missed you a lot.” – Yoo Si Jin

# “Was this something you never thought you’d hear?” Then you should think on it. This time, I’m serious.” – Yoo Si Jin

|Episode 8 & 9|

# “I can’t wipe your tears since you didn’t answer my questions.” – Yoo Si Jin

# “If you want to run away, make sure to take me with you. It would be much better if we run away together.” – Yoo Si Jin

# “Your doctor is not a TV channel. You can’t switch it whenever you want.” – Doc Song Sang Hyun

# “Don’t feel embarrassed just because I found out that you like me. Even so, it doesn’t change that I like you more.” – Yoo Si Jin

# “Being serious when it’s serious only makes it worse.” – Yoo Si Jin

# “I want our relationship to be a melodrama but it turns into a blockbusters.” – Yoo Si Jin

# “Getting help from others … makes me feel like I’m running away too. For now, I’ll try to cope on my own. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll tell you then.”

|Episode 10|

# “You do your job as a doctor. If we have to kill someone, I’ll do my job.” – Yoo Si Jin


# “Love compels us to do things for others that they can do themselves.” – Yoo Si Jin

# “Lending a hand to another … means you have more responsibilities to take.” – Yoo Si Jin


# “Why are you giving off your charm? I’ve already fallen for you.” – Yoo Si Jin

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