10 Reasons why ‘Akatsuki No Yona’ should get a 2nd Season

I’m one of those thousands fans out there who is hoping to just wake up one morning with the news of ‘Akatsuki No Yona’ getting a sequel; and I don’t think I’m demanding anything that is unworthy of our time and attention. Here is why –

1. The amazing story deserves a proper ending: 


The plot of Akatsuki no Yona was one of it’s key selling point. The story was thoroughly interesting which made the fans engaged to the series right off the bat. The enjoyment lasted throughout the show, however the incomplete ending didn’t do justice to this amazing series. The way the show ended only meant that the journey had just begun.

2. The ongoing manga has got some cool Arcs:

‘ANY’ is one of the few Anime that did justice to the original story of the Manga. Fans of the book know very well that the story only gets more interesting in the upcoming chapters. The manga is still on-going so lots of nail biting moments are there that can be the perfect source material for a new season.

3. Hak:f6x

I’ll keep it short. Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to see more of the ‘Thunder Beast‘?  ❤  I can keep on watching this show forever only for Hak himself. 

4. The Dragon warriors:

Kija, Shin-ah, Jae-Ha & Jeno … don’t we all want to know more about our lovely dragon warriors? Their past, in depth character development and dedication towards Yona definitely deserve to be featured on screen. 

5. Adorable Hak x Yona :


All the cute and adorable Hak & Yona moments just make my heart flutter and without an inch of doubt I can say that it’s the same for all the fan-girls out there as well. Can we have a 2nd season … pretty please??

6. The ‘Woow’ moments need to come back:

hy 2

That’s definitely a must right?

7. We want to laugh our heart out:


8. And cry as well:

ao 2

The emotional roller coaster must go on! 

9. The unique historical theme: 


Akatsuki No Yona gave us a new flavor as a Shoujo Anime. Far different from the High school romance, set in historical theme, the Anime was definitely a breath of fresh air to all the Shoujo lovers out there and it has a lot of potential for a sequel.

10. The funny squad and their friendship: 

Yona’s whole gang was downright adorable and I miss them from my heart. They need to come back .. ne?


6 thoughts on “10 Reasons why ‘Akatsuki No Yona’ should get a 2nd Season

  1. Priyanka Sur

    Anime end in a cliff hanger position. Need to grow closeness between hak and yona. Need to know exact reason why su woon killed the king. Need to know why didn’t he kill the princess though he had many chances.. Need to watch the loyalty of dragons. Need to watch yona as a warrior. Need to watch for fighting abilities of yona.. Hak and the dragons.. This can not be possible without a season 2.so please release season 2 as soon as possible..


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