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|Noragami Anime Quotes|

# “Your wish… has been heard loud and clear!” – Yato
# “There’s no such thing as a free wish.” – Yato
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# “May our fates intertwine verily.” – Yato
# “You should treat me with awe and wonder.” – Yato
# “Never waste an offering.” – Yato
#People tend to carry deeply rooted darkness in their hearts, making complete purification is difficult. Such a waste of precious life.” – Tomone
# “If someone wants to die, let them die.”
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#Even if things are painful and tough, people should appreciate what it means to be alive at all.” – Yato
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# “Someone who chooses to kill himself isn’t cut out for love!” – Yato
# “God only exist to fulfill people’s wishes.” 
# “Resentment, fear, envy, depression, sadness, greed … temptation is born from these emotions.” – Yato
# “A soul that has been corrupted and consumed by a phantom will experience nothing but  a living hell.” – Yato
# “Twilight is the boundary between day and night. Those that inhabit this world fear the darkness and hide from it … while those that inhabit the other world become one with the darkness and run wild. As the sun sets, that boundary is blurred … and the shadows of evening grow ever deeper and darker. Now is when those in the divide can most easily cross the boundary.” – Yato
# “It must be nice … having friends.” – Yukine
# “If I used this to hurt someone, I really wouldn’t belong anywhere anymore. I wouldn’t be human anymore.”
# “I realized that I just need to stand strong.”
# “Man, kids these days. They think it’s a competition to have the most friends. One is enough. Find someone special.” – Yato
# “Someone special. Why … why don’t I have any?” – Yukine
# “Looks like you’ve finally figured it out. You can’t go to that side. No matter where you go, there is no place for you! You’ve finally realized that the one thing you really want… something greater than money… It can never be yours. Even so, Yukine! No matter what… you can’t cross that line! – Yato
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# “Why can’t I have anything? I really am alone. I have nothing. Nothing at all.” – Yukine
# “Live Yukine!” – Yato
# “The darkness is always right there next to you.”
# “Where we rise is also where we fall.” – Rabou
# “However many wishes we grant, people will always fear, loathe and forget gods of calamity. For better or worse, people’s emotions are always fickle. That is the way of things.” – Rabou

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