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|KDrama Quotes –I Hear Your Voice|

|Episode 1|

# “Since that day there are two types of noises in my world. One is what everyone else hear. And the other one … is only what I can hear.” – Park Soo Ha 

# “I didn’t take your side because you’re my daughter. I took your side because you were telling the truth.” – Jang Hye Sung’ Mother

# “You are not a person that will save someone using the law … but will make someone cry because of the law.” – Jang Hye Sung’ Mother

# “I haven’t forgotten you. If I meet you again then … I’ll protect you.” – Park Soo Ha 

|Episode 2|

# “It’s only a joke if the person that is being made fun of also laughs. Otherwise it’s not a joke but an act of terrorism.” –  Seo Do Yeon

# “You have the rights to remain silent when things become disadvantageous to you.” 

# “You can lie with you mouth but you can’t lie with your mind” – Park Soo Ha 

# “In this world, there are people whose IQ is over 200 …and there are people that run 100 meters in 9 seconds. They are no more of a monster because they’re more special.” – Park Soo Ha

# “The truth doesn’t win in court. What wins in court is the truth.” – Jang Hye sung

|Episode 3|

# I know this may just sound like an excuse to you … but I did all that because I was jealous of you. And when everyone else joined me on my teasing of you … I think I just went too far. That’s why I didn’t even know that I had the rock in my hand .. and if I threw the rock …. that the frog would die. I didn’t realize any of that. I really am sorry.” – Go Sung Bin

# “What goes around comes around. That’s what I call Karma.” – Jang Hye Sung

|Episode 4|

# “In all those long years, the people in the defendant’s world .. couldn’t a single person have stopped to listen to her voice? If a single person had stopped even once in her life to listen to her cries … what do you think that would’ve been like?” – Attorney Cha 

# The ones who put the defendant in that seat .. may not be the defendant herself .. but it may be the rest of us .. for having blocked out her voice. ” – Attorney Cha

|Episode 5|

# “Hey, how am I supposed to recognize you by your name alone? It’s been ten years already.” – Jang Hye Sung
I recognized you. I recognized you after only hearing you name. Even after these past ten years.” – Park Soo Ha

# “People like you who can’t admit their wrong doings even when they are aware of them…are the worst of them all.” – Jang Hye Sung

# “But I really like you a lot. I .. realized that today. I know that you don’t like me. It’s okay, you don’t have to like me back. But you asking after someone else…you thinking of someone else…and you liking someone else…that would be weird. I’m not okay with that. Even just the thought of that makes my heart lurch and it feels painful…and it feels like my heart is dropping to the pit of my stomach. I think that I must .. really like you a lot.” – Go Sung Bin

|Episode 6|

# “With every revenge, there is a reason behind it. The fact that there was a woman crying over the defendants means that there is someone else who may be blamed for the crime.” 

# “I don’t see her as being wrong. She is just different from me.” –  Attorney Cha

# “And…I was also thinking that I’ve now found someone who’s concerned about my welfare.” – Park Soo Ha

# “The moment you kill him … we’re no longer the victims, we become murderers” – Jang Hye Sung

|Episode 7|

# “Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth .. If you live your life by that rule .. everyone in this world is going to live in a lawless society. If anyone do you wrong .. they do it because they’re envious of you. It’s because they’re jealous of everything that you have going for you .. and they are just jealous. Instead of hating people like that .. you have to be the bigger person and pity them.” – Jang Hye Sung’ Mother

# “What I’m saying is…don’t waste your life living by filling it with hate for someone else. You only get to live once .. so you should live your life loving those that are around you.” – Jang Hye Sung’ Mother

|Episode 8|

# “Even though you tell the truth ten times, if you’re caught telling just one lie .. all the truth that you’ve told in the past .. they all start to sound doubtful to other.” – Seo Do Yeon

# “I feel like a guard … protecting an evil king.” – Attorney Cha

# “I never knew a day would come when I’d kneel down in front of you and beg you for help. But I’ve already sold my pride, and I’ve got nothing left. I’ll sell whatever I have to sell .. because I have to catch him.” – Jang Hye Sung

# “Now that I’m the victim … all those rules and measures means nothing more than dog shit. And all the attorneys are sons of bitches.” -Jang Hye Sung

# “Attorney Jang really likes you. She likes you very much, and that why this is so hard for her. So give her time and wait for her .. and protect her.” – Park Soo Ha

# “I was wrong. Life isn’t like a fairy-tale.” – Jang Hye Sung

# “I had been so blind to my daughter. Had I known how brave she was…I should’ve praised her more…and complimented her more. But I’ve been too harsh and rough on her.” – Jang Hye Sung’s Mother

|Episode 9|

# “It’s possible that I could’ve stopped it. What Soo Ha was thinking. if I had just noticed those few scattered hints…what happened today wouldn’t have happened.” – Jang Hye SungI hear your  voice.jpg

# “Even though Soo had always listened to my voice… in the moment where it was most needed…I didn’t listen to his voice.” – Jang Hye Sung

# “Soo Ha didn’t have a single family member. He didn’t have anyone .. that he could call a friend.” – Jang Hye Sung

|Episode 10 & 11|

# “When she is working so desperately to fight for me … I wonder what kind of a person I truly was.” – Park Soo Ha

# “But foolishly enough … I still want to believe in the law. Instead of the last case having been a mistake … I want to think of it as a lesson learned.” – Attorney Cha

# “Crazy & unbelievably enough … and it absolutely makes no sense but I keep worrying about that kid. It really is ridiculous .. but I think I like that kid.” – Jang Hye Sung

|Episode 12|

# “Stop pretending to be like an adult, and actually act like an adult. Just because you wear a suit doesn’t mean that it makes you an adult.” – Attorney Cha

# “When you life has been put back in danger … how can my innocence be more important.” – Park Soo Ha

|Episode 13|

# “The nicer I remain to him, the harder it will be for me to shut off my feelings for him.” – Jang Hye Sung

I hear your voice (5)I hear your voice (6)

# “Even though your lips were telling me lies … you eyes were telling me the truth.” – Park Soo Ha

# “Even though you eyes were telling me the words I’ve been wanting to hear for the past 11 years .. but in order for me to remain by your side I had to pretend I didn’t hear those words.” – Park Soo Ha

# “Just because you put the devil in different clothing, it doesn’t turn the devil into and angel.” – Seo Do Yeon

# “If I told her the truth … would she ever look at me that way?” – Park Soo Ha

|Episode 14|

# “This is the first time I’ve though of it this way. If I had made the other decision at that moment .. then perhaps I’d be regretting that even more now. May be one percent more.” – Jang Hye Sung

Kdrama I hear your voice quotes  (1).jpg

# “The world and all its relationships…many times, it’s the lies and not the truth that can bring them peace. Lies give rest to uncertainty, and gives people a sense of peace. For truths are more uncomfortable to handle than the lies…thus most people want to avoid the truth. And I’m no exception.” – Park Soo Ha

# “Relaying the truth is always painful. That’s why once in awhile when I’m faced with the truth…I choose to close my eyes.” – Park Soo Ha

|Episode 15|

# “I’m sure she must feel like her world is suddenly crumbling down around her. She’s just found out something evil about her father whom she has trusted all her life. How is she expected to take all that in so quickly? Give her some time to accept it. Give her some time to think.” – Park Soo Ha

# “I’m not telling you to keep the truth buried. I’m telling you to open your eyes and look at the person first.” – Park Soo Ha

|Episode 16|

# “I didn’t want to admit that I could’ve been wrong. I just realized today … how awful it is not to admit you were wrong. I apologize … with my whole heart.” – Seo Do Yeon

# “I don’t have much time left to live. I don’t want to spend what little time I have left to live on hating someone. The very last emotion that I feel before I die…I don’t want it to be such an ugly emotion such as that. That’s why I forgave him.” – Seo Do-Yeon’s Father

# “You gave me my new beginning. So please stop blaming yourself like that and keep staying just where you are.” – Attorney Cha

|Episode 17|

# “I don’t want to die. I used to think that it didn’t matter if I died while trying to protect her. But that’s not how I feel anymore. If something happens to me…it’s going to scar her. So please…save her…and me.” – Park Soo Ha 

# “Min Joon Gook had no one. No one who’d believe him…no one who’d even listen to him or anyone who even loved him. And also…he didn’t even have anyone who needed his protection. If he had at least one person in his life, Min Joon Gook may have lived his life differently.” – Attorney Cha

|Episode 18|

kdrama quote

# “Even if I disappear, I wish you wouldn’t know. I wish you would think that I’m living a good life somewhere, studying hard, hanging out with friends and continuing to pursue my dream about becoming a policeman. Even when I’m not here, I’d like it if you wouldn’t cry. I’d love it if you would be happy. And I would like you to remember me, just once in a while.” – Park Soo Ha

# “I’m sorry, Soo Ha. I’m so sorry for pretending that I didn’t need you when I need you more than anyone. I’m also sorry for not expressing myself to you…when I love you more than anyone else in this world. I’m sorry for thinking only of our ending and always being so nervous as I stared into your face. I’m sorry for everything.” – Jang Hye Sung

i hear your voice quotes

# “I know why you’re anxious. I also know that you’re always preparing yourself for the time when you’ll be without me. But even if that time comes, I’m not going to worry. I recognized you even after ten years of time has passed. Even after I had lost my memories, and when I had erased you from my mind…I came to love you again. Even if another ten years passes on by, and even if I lose my memories again…if that time that you’re so afraid of ever comes, I will find you and I’ll love you again.” – Park Soo Ha 

# “Insisting on the wrongs doesn’t make them right. And insisting can’t make you take back what you’ve done either. Continuing to insist while knowing that truth is just abusing yourself. Continuing to live like that is what make you end up alone with no one on your side.” – Attorney Cha

And Soo Ha’s final speech – 

“There were several people who helped me, but the first person who comes to mind…is the person who helped me grow into an adult. He’s someone who at times appeared foolish because of his excessive trust in people. But as I witnessed how he defended his people with that unwavering faith of his…He left me no other choice other than to accept him as an adult who’s to be respected.

And there’s also the person who was too overconfident with her abilities in herself. But that person…showed me how she could admit to her faults, and be able to apologize for it. Just how amazing a person can be when they know how to repent for their wrongs and be able to apologize for them…

And…there’s even someone who’s shown me a path that I never should travel down on. Someone who used to live his life as human, but ultimately chose to become a beast. He was a foolish and pitiful man.

And there came a moment in my life when I could’ve made the same decision…I almost made the same choice he made in my desire for revenge. If she hadn’t been there for me…I might also be living my life as a beast right now…Someone who is unbelievably blunt to the point of absurdity without an manners or consideration. She’s that type of person. Someone who used to think like that…started to fight for the truth and started seeing people for why they truly are. And seeing that has become the light in the darkness that I was wandering around in and it became my path. If it hadn’t been for her, I doubt I would’ve made it to this point. She’s the one who taught me the importance of protecting others. She also taught me how important it is to be able to listen to someone.”

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  1. Thank you so much for compiling all these quotes!!! I’ve just finished this drama and all exploding emotions from the twist and turn are still lingering in my mind! Can’t help but read all these beautiful quotes and pictures and videos again!!!


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