I Hear Your Voice – Quotes

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|KDrama Quotes –I Hear Your Voice|

|Episode 1|

# “Since that day there are two types of noises in my world. One is what everyone else hear. And the other one … is only what I can hear.” – Park Soo Ha 

# “I didn’t take your side because you’re my daughter. I took your side because you were telling the truth.” – Jang Hye Sung’ Mother

# “You are not a person that will save someone using the law … but will make someone cry because of the law.” – Jang Hye Sung’ Mother

# “I haven’t forgotten you. If I meet you again then … I’ll protect you.” – Park Soo Ha 

|Episode 2|

# “It’s only a joke if the person that is being made fun of also laughs. Otherwise it’s not a joke but an act of terrorism.” –  Seo Do Yeon

# “You have the rights to remain silent when things become disadvantageous to you.” 

# “You can lie with you mouth but you can’t lie with your mind” – Park Soo Ha 

# “In this world, there are people whose IQ is over 200 …and there are people that run 100 meters in 9 seconds. They are no more of a monster because they’re more special.” – Park Soo Ha

# “The truth doesn’t win in court. What wins in court is the truth.” – Jang Hye sung

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