‘Infinity Dream Award’


So I got nominated for the ‘Infinity Dream Award’ by Rrowbyte. ^_^ Thanx for mentioning me. 🙂

Here are the rules:

  1. You have to list seven dreams of your.
  2. Nominate seven other bloggers for this award and let them know about this.


1. To visit the most popular Comic Cons/Anime Cons. 

Omg I’m having goosebumps just thinking about this dream!! Someday I’ll go these conventions & take lots of pictures with the cosplayers. 🙂 I might Cosplay as well. *bragging*  😛

2. To visit Japan.
I guess this is dream of every Anime/Manga fans out there. Someday we will visit Japan, and behold her beauty with our own eyes. Yessss!! 😀

3. To go to Korea.
I’m currently addicted to K-movies, K-drama & K-pop. It will be like a dream come true for me, if I can visit Korea some day. 😛

3. To make this blog a popular one.
I’ve just opened up this blog and I truly want to keep this one active. No matter what happens or how busy I get, I want to keep on doing what I love. I want to share my favorite stuffs with all the fans out there. 😀

4. To meet with the famous comic book authors & Mangaka. 
Cz without these people, things would have been a lot more different.

5. To edit good pics & videos.
I love editing, whether its pics or videos. so I want to be better at these. 🙂

6. To be happy.
I don’t expect much from this life. I just want to keep doing what I love so that I can make myself and the people around me happy. That’s it. 😀

7. To roam around the world.
Oh well. :p


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