The Time We Were not in Love – Review

Drama – The Time We Were Not in Love
Genre – Romance, Drama, Friendship.
Episodes – 16
Year – 2015

Summary Of Story – Oh Ha-Na (Ha Ji-Won) and Choi Won (Lee Jin-Wook) are both 34-years-old. They have been friends for 17 years. Oh Ha-Na is currently a career woman with an honest and confident personality. Choi Won works as an assistant purser for an airline. He has always helped Oh Ha-Na whenever she got into trouble. Cha Seo-Hoo (Yoon Gyun-Sang) is a pianist with a free spirit and Lee So-Eun (Choo Soo-Hyun) is a cabin attendant for an airline. Will Oh Ha-Na and Choi Won find love? *Source Asianwiki

My Thoughts- 

The story compelled me to start watching this drama. I was getting mixed reviews about this show, and after finishing all the episodes I could guess why. The drama started off with a good vibe. The first few episodes were soo fun to watch!! Loved the chemistry between Choi WonO Ha Na. Choi Won was like the PERFECT guy ever!!!! He was soo caring and loving omg!! ^_^ It will be a girl’s dream come true to have a guy like him with her!!


But unfortunately, the story started to get boring after the appearance of 2nd male lead :/ Well to be honest, both the 2nd leads were an utter disappointment. The story was getting complicated and the chemistry between the main leads kind of wore off. The slow pace of the story was getting on my nerves and I almost ended up dropping the show halfway. 


But as I finished the drama, I fell in love with it. It was simple and sweet, not that much dramatic, which can be a negative sometimes. But what I loved about this drama is how it elaborately explained the struggle Oh Ha Na had to go through to be able to make the right decision for her life and how Choi Won was suffering to come in terms with his own feelings. To be honest, If you were to watch this drama and love it, it would be for its simplicity and realistic aspect of the story.


One last thing that I want to mention is that the last two episodes were just downright adorable! Made up for the boring episodes in the middle of the show. So don’t drop the drama, keep watching and finish it. If not anything else, you can probably watch this drama for Ha Ji Won alone. She looked soo pretty in the drama. 

Final Thoughts – 

Positive –  Realistic story
-Cute friendship between the leads
– Oh Ha Na’s gorgeous persona
– The last 2 episodes.

Negative – Slow paced
– Few boring episodes
– Not enough Romance/Drama
– Disappointing 2nd leads.

My Ratings  

Story  – 8/10
Acting – 8/10
Enjoyment – 7.5/10

Ost – 7.5/10

 – 7.8 /10



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