Queen Of The Ring – Kdrama Quotes


Korean Drama Quotes – Queen Of The Ring


♥ “The world is full of pretty girls. And people like only pretty girls.” –

♥ “This unfair world likes only pretty girls.
The problem is that I, too, like pretty things.”

♥ “Beautiful things always make your heart flutter.”

♥ “My life is always backstage.”


♥ “There are people like you who are always on the stage floor, but there are people who are always backstage like me. Why do you think I make good flavored soju? When I watch others pair up during group dates and stay out with them until 3 am, this is my only friend. But do you know something? Girls always bring me with them when meeting guys. They need girls like me setting up backstage for them to look pretty.”

♥ “I’ll take you home from now on, rain or shine.”

♥ “Ugly apples are still apples.”

♥ “You say you’re not pretty yourself, so why do you ask me to say you are?”

♥ “You are the first girl I’ve been with for more than a month. You are the first girl whose number I’ve wanted back after deleting. You are the first girl I’ve cried in front of. I start to think you‘re pretty. I’m sorry it took me so long.”


♥ “You don’t have to be beautiful to be loved. When you love someone, that person looks beautiful to you.”

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