Tsubaki Chou Lonely Planet – Quote

Manga Quote – Tsubaki Chou Lonely Planet

ohno fumi

# “No matter how much I want to go back, I family or someone waiting for me, no longer exist.” – Ohno Fumi

# “Why is it that tonight … in the light of the moon … he seems so kind?” – Ohno Fumi

# “Why does my heart feel like it will break in two?” – Ohno Fumi

# “All the little things he does are piling up and turning into an emotion I don’t understand. All I know is that, even the most trivial of them fill me up with inexplicable happiness.” – Ohno Fumi

# “No one wants to worry the people they love.” –

# “The more days I spend with him, the more it feels like it’s always been like this.” – Ohno Fumi

# “‘I Like him’. Those words don’t even begin to describe the way I feel.” – Ohno Fumi

seisei quote

# “This is the first time I’ve felt this way about another person.” – Ohno Fumi

# “It’s not fair. One word from him, and my mood swings from dejection to joy in a split seconds.” – Ohno Fumi

# “This is the first time I’ve felt that I wanted to be cute for someone.” – Ohno Fumi

# “This distance between us, if I can, I want to close it and find things I didn’t know before.” – Ohno Fumi

# “I thought I felt bad before, but this feeling is a hundred times worse.” – Ohno Fumi

# “When is ‘Soon’?” – Sensei

# “Just because I don’t know about them, doesn’t mean they don’t exist.” – Ohno Fumi

# “I want to disappear.” – Ohno Fumi

#”Things I thought were special, don’t mean anything to him. In my happiness I lost sight of what was really going on.” – Ohno Fumi

# “Nothing’s changed from then and now. Sitting alone in my tiny little universe. Waiting for someone to come and find me. Like that’ll ever happen.” – Ohno Fumi

# “I think I’ve always been lonely.” –  Ohno Fumi

# “Ahh This is bad. I’m crying again. How does this man transform me so easily? Even though I don’t want to cry. Even though I have to forget him. Even though I have no chance with him. Why?” – Ohno Fumi

#”Why … does it have to be you?” – Ohno Fumi

# “What do you want me to do?” – Sensei
# “What I want? Then, please show me your smile again. Please stay with me when I’m lonely. Please fall in love with me like I did with you.” – Ohno Fumi


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