The Innocent Man – Kdrama Quotes

Korean Drama Quotes – The Innocent Man/Nice Guy

|Episode 1 & 2|

# “If you receive help, you should return the favor.” – Park Jae Gil

# “In Korea, if an ex-convict tries to make money the usual way an pay off his late father’s debt and pay for the hospital bills it’s almost impossible.” – Kang Ma Roo

# “You and I are two different people living in two totally different worlds. I knew that all along.” – Kang Ma Roo

# “That’s all because of global warming. Because of the weather, everybody is going crazy. The world is crazy and people are crazy, too.” – Park Jae Gil

|Episode 3 & 4|

# “In the past, the man that I loved like my life … Kang Ma Roo. To me, Ma Roo was like  home. Home where there is always a light and the air is warm … he was the home that protected me from all the ugly and scary things in life.” – Han Jae Hee

# “No matter what I did, he always believed in me, the only person in this world who was always on my side. I betrayed him. Long time ago, I killed someone, but Ma Ru, even took the blame of a murderer for me. That’s why his life was considered completely over. But … in order for me to survive … I again, tightened the rope around his neck. Reaching the top … in this tranquil … this alluring and luxurious. This all seems like a dream 10 times a day, I pinch myself. I want to stay in this place for a long time. If I am just dreaming, I don’t want to wake up till I die.” – Han Jae Hee

I don’t trust … women. I’ve never trusted anymore more than 30 %.” – Seo Eun Gi’s father

# “Her love for you … there seems to be no comparison as far as her sincerity and devotion goes.” – Min Young

# “If you can’t come down, I’ll come up. When I get there I’ll bring you down.” – Kang Ma Roo

# “Give me just ten names. Names of those who threw away their throne for love.” – Seo Eun Gi
“Edward XI, Pyung Gang princess, Nang Nang princess, Sunhwa princess, Fiona princess from ‘Shrek’, Goo Jun Pyo from ‘Boys over flowers’. – Kang Ma Roo

# “Bluffing is for the ones who listen to someone’s orders.” – Han Jae Hee

|Episode 5 & 6|

# “A few months ago, on TV, I saw an animal documentary. A large jackal bit the tail of a small coyote while chasing the coyote. The coyote, in order to not be caught and eaten, desperately went straight to the cliff. If you don’t let go of my tail this instant, you will die together with me by falling off the cliff. Unfortunately, that was the only choice the coyote had. Although I couldn’t watch the whole documentary due to an appointment, ‘What happened to that coyote and jackal?’ that’s what I wondered sometimes. If the jackal was sensible, he would have let go of the tail he is biting and if the jackal is stupid, they would have died together from falling off the cliff. What do you think that jackal chose?” – Min Young

# “How could you still be here waiting? What if I didn’t show up?” – Kang Ma Roo
# “I was going to just continue to wait. I knew … If I wait, you’d show up.” – Seo Eun Gi

the innocent man nice guy quote

# “How can love make one feel so powerless and helpless? I’m still in shock after realizing it. What did I feel before then? I thought it was love for sure.” – Seo Eun Gi

# “What’s the drink Van Gogh had so much of and ended up cutting off his ear? Oh, it is Absinthe. A glass of Absinthe, please.”

# “How can someone with a lot to lose beat someone with nothing to lose?” – Kang Ma Roo

# “What the heck did you do to me? What could you have possibly done to me? All day long … how can you be walking, running and flying around in my head? I can’t work. I can’t concentrate. You keep popping up in my head and I miss you.” – Seo Eun Gi

# “I’m sorry when I think about your life, but just think of it as one quick bad dream during your long life. You can wake up from a bad dream quickly. After some time you’re not even going to remember what the dream was about.” – Kang Ma Roo

|Episode 7 – 9|

# “Honestly, liking someone is… I know that it’s a passion you’re unable to handle.”

# “A typhoon that rages for a short time loosens a tree’s branches and maybe the tree will be stripped off all its leaves. But when the next spring comes don’t you think new branches will sprout from the tree and leaves will grow on them again?” – Han Jae Hee

# “It’s not like you can take the money with you when you die.” – Park Jae Gil

# “Because you lived a life as the mistress of the president you must not be seeing things correctly. Your role now is just the watch dog of an empty house. You are not the owner, Han Jae Hee.” – Kang Ma Roo

# “It was my first time to say to somebody that I love him, in my life of twenty-nine years.” – Seo Eun Gi

# “When I look at you these days, you’re like a lifeless desert.”

|Episode 10 & 11|

# “We are just two people that know each other and take photos. It is not like love, we just knew each other for a short time long ago.” – Kang Ma Roo
“My heart knew it. My heart remembers you.” – Seo Eun Gi

# “How far do you think I can go … to stay where I am now?” – Han Jae Hee

# “Do you hate me that much? I didn’t think that you’d hate me, abhor me, that much. If I had known, I wouldn’t have looked for you. I was wrong. I told you I was wrong. To someone who hates me, to someone who doesn’t remember me … I’m sorry I stuck myself like a gum to you. For begging you to remember, for telling you to teach me, I am sorry for telling you to wait for me. Im’ sorry. I won’t do this again; since I won’t bother you in the future … Don’t lash out at other people because of me. I guess there really is something wrong with my head. Because I’ve become like this, because I’ve messed up my brain, is it fun to play with me?! Although I am an idiot who can only remember her own name, though I’ve also become a pitiful girl who clings onto you confessing my love … let’s just do it up to here. Don’t make me any more miserable, please. Even if I’ve lost my memories, I know how embarrassing I am.” – Seo Eun Gi

# “It isn’t right to say someone is pitiful while looking at her.” – Park Jae Gil

|Episode 12|

# “Love give us strength. It’s kind of scary, isn’t? Something called love allowed an impossible miracle to happen.” –

# “I don’t remember anything about what happened with the girl called Han Jae Hee, what I did for the sake of that girl then, the love that I had for this girl. The only person I am interested in right now, the one who fills my head, the one who has me wrapped around her, the one who drives me crazy, the reason why I couldn’t eat or sleep, is not Han Jae Hee, but Seo Eun Gi.” – Kang Ma Roo

# “Until when do you think you can cover the sky with your palm?” – Kang Ma Roo

# “People say we live with the strength from memories. You can create memories again. Only collect happy, joyful and good ones.” – Choco

# “You never know a person’s heart.”

the innocent man drama quote 1

# “Father, One day, a woman walked into my life. I hurt her deeply with the harshest words possible. I pushed her away as much as I could. But, she came back to me again. She is so much like me. I often see myself in her. She has the physical wounds that I have. The tears that fill my brain are flowing through her heart as well. I gave her those wounds. I made her cry. I should not have met her. I should not have allowed her to come into my life. Father, I’m regretting it. This is the first time…that I have ever regretted in my life.” – Kang Ma Roo

|Episode 13|

# “You’re not a nice guy, but an idiot, in my opinion. Or are you a hypocrite?”

# “If I love her, do I have to have her all to myself? I don’t believe so.” – Attorney Park 

# “I don’t think we are different. We are on the same road, just that you met Han Jae Hee,and I met Seo Eun Gi. So that we would never meet again, I’m going to make it a completely different road. When time passes, in the future we feel as if what we wanted so badly, was in the end, nothing, will we too meet each other on the same road?” – Attorney Park

# “I want to live. Because now I have a reason to live.” – Kang Ma Roo

# “Jobless are usually busier. There are places to go and people to meet in order to get a job.” – Park Jae Gil

|Episode 14 & 15|

# “Love is not about loyalty. It isn’t about sympathy either.” – Han Jae Hee

# “Stop hurting yourself. Hurt me instead.” – Kang Ma Roo

# “It was fun when it was challenging. Now that it has become too easy, it’ no fun.” – Han Jae Hee

# “You always seem you’re at a distance … like you’re about to leave anytime.” – Seo Eun Gi

# “Love doesn’t bring you food on the table. ” – Han Jae Hee

|Episode 16 & 17|

the innocent man quote

# “You are the one I (Seo Eun Gee) chose in the name of love. You’re the one who made my heart pound.” – Seo Eun Gi

# “I’ll never let you go no matter what happens, no matter what everyone says.” – Kang Ma Roo

# “I hear the laughter of my friend, my sister and my love. They are part of the most beautiful, delicious, and fascinating dream in the world that I can ever dream. Afraid that if I open my eyes, I’ll wake up from my dream so I can’t open my eyes in fear. For this beautiful morning, thank You for gifting it to me. I won’t be greedy and ask for more. I won’t expect any more. Right now, I am happy.” – Kang Ma Roo

# “They said that you’re not even supposed to bother a dog when he’s eating.”

#I don’t need any sons. You can do everything. Why are you crying here? It makes you look weak! You’ll be leading Tae San in the future! The harder things get for you, the more you should laugh. If you really want to cry, cry alone. To no one, you should show your vulnerability. Do not trust anyone in this world. You shouldn’t show the real you to anyone. That’s the only way from now on, for you to survive in Tae San Group.” – Seo Eun Gi’s Father

the innocent man drama quotes

# “You and I, should we run away to some place far away? A place where nobody knows us? A place where only the two of us can live.” – Kang Ma Roo

# “Eun Gee got her memories back. But she’s not the same Eun Gee that I used to know. I don’t know what she remembers and what she has forgotten. What did she let go? What is she holding on to? Eun Gee is back, but I’m still waiting for her. I’m not going to be exhausted. I’m not going to rush. I’m not going to feel impatient.” – Kang Ma Roo

|Episode 18 & 19|

# “Love has no boundaries.” – Seo Eun Gi

# ” If you want to die, then die alone. I am not going to die. Why would I die? I didn’t even do anything wrong. Even without love, I can live fine alone. It’s not like I’ve always had what I wanted. Not in my life, not even once…I was never selfish nor full of greed. The things I want to do, the things I want, the things I wish for…have I even ever had any of those, for at least once in my whole life? I can live fine without love. I can find a way to survive.” – Kang Ma Roo

# “Dying is hell. Why is living supposed to be hell?” – Kang Ma Roo

# “Memories can constantly change .. and fade away.” – Seo Eun Gi

# “I have been thinking a lot. About that night noona killed a man. When I ran to that motel room, if at that time, if I just let noona turn yourself in, that instead, you were to pay for your crime, what would have happened? I would never leave noona and I would have been waiting for you regardless of how many years. I would have proposed to you too, noona. Then would noona have been happy? I would be busy with work and would not be able to do this often but once a year, we could’ve gone on vacation overseas with Jae Gil and Choco. And even one day, with a big heart, I could’ve pulled out my saved money and I could’ve bought noona a brand name bag that you wanted. On noona’s birthday, we could’ve have had steak and drink wine. Then would noona have been happy?” – Kang Ma Roo

# “Letting go of someone. and also giving up on someone… I learned that this too was love. That it’s a bigger love than having them… And so that, for this reason, I can be happy. I realized that not long ago. Kang Ma Ru taught me that.” –

|Episode 20|

# “If there’s a crime, then it should be revealed and if there’s a punishment to pay, then it should be paid for.” – Han Jae Hee

# “You said as long as it isn’t love. You said you definitely couldn’t give me that. I don’t need your shell. I don’t need your sympathy or your pity.” – Han Jae Hee

# “Even though I told Eun Gi that I don’t remember, I remember the reason very clearly. At that time, I was exhausted of the world and by my lot in life and this present life of mine, even if it ended this way, it wouldn’t make a difference. And that in the next life, I would definitely meet Eun Gi and then the ordinary kind of love that everyone does, the simple kind of love that regardless of who they are and what they do in the world, get to experience. That ordinary kind of love. I want to start all over again. This is what I think I prayed to God.” – Kang Ma Roo

# “And I’ll definitely meet Eun Gi in the next life. When I do, I want to date like others and be able to love like others. I want to start all over again. I think I prayed for those things. What kind of person she is, I would ask those who know her. And at times, I’d hang around outside her house. And at times, because I want to look good in front of her, I’d learn the old school “trot” dance that her father likes and learn baduk and learn how to eat different kinds of food without being picky. And at times, I’d memorize all the songs of her favorite pop artists. And at times, I’d go to the place she frequents and wait for her the whole day. I’d tell her I miss her if I miss her and I’d say I long for her when I do. I’d feel excitement and gratitude. To date like other people, I think I prayed for it. And I…say my prayers again. Thank you. Now I’m…happy.” – Kang Ma Roo



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  2. Jermena

    Oh my…… I just love this series, I swear! Those quotes are d best. The last two, Maru’s prayers just bring tears to my eyes.., they r so cute. N d one wr he says ‘ i won’t die, y should i die, i even didnt do anything wrong’ was d ‘bestest’. That’s so like Maru!; the most intriguing character av ever known in my entire life of dramas. Great work Song Joong Ki.

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      1. Jermena

        Worth watching indeed! I became a fan of dark melodramas because of it. Now its my thing. SJK was rili impressive, am nw his staunch fan. Loved him in DOTS too. Twas fun watching his loose cheerful side after d tense Maru character. I think hz a very very talented actor. A great future awaits him.

        Cld u recommend sm gd dark melodramas pliz..?


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