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Hello, I’m back again with my quote collection. This time it’s from one of my favorite K-Drama ‘Healer’. I tried to put all the quotes in order. If your favorite quote is not here, let me know in the comment section below. I’ll add them. 🙂 Enjoy ~

|Episode 1| 

# “What if I can’t do it no matter how many times I try? That’s … well, I’ll think about it when the time comes.” – Young Shin

# “My time is interwoven with the past. I struggle … and try to move on. But on days like these, inevitably and in a matter of moments … I go back … to that time again.” – Moon Ho

# “My time is stuck in the past. That’s why there is no tomorrow for me.” – Moon Ho

# “Sometimes I feel like everything is hopeless & gloomy. But even though its hopeless I have faith. Faith that your dreams will come true if you never give up. And if it’s meant to be, you’ll meet them.” – Young Shin

|Episode 2|

# “Make the second thing you like most as your job and leave the thing you like most as your hobby.” – Young Shin


# “Everyone has their moments, but it all passes. If you just endure it a little, it will pass.” – Young-shin

|Episode 3|

# “No matter how much backup you have or how much you fear nothing, there’s  a line.” – Min Jae

# “Isn’t this a criminal’s path? If they don’t get caught, they repeat. If they repeat their crime, the crime grows in intensity.” – Detective Dong Won 


# “Fate, destiny, I believe in that kind of stuff. If it didn’t exist, why would words for it exist, right?” – Young Shin

# “Even if I wanted to run, it’s too late. Destiny has already begun.” – Young Shin

# “I’ve committed a crime. My crime is my silence.” – Moon-Ho

|Episode 5|

# ” When humans see chimpanzees and tigers, we just see chimpanzees and tigers. It’s hard for us to pick out a better looking chimpanzee or a better looking tiger. In my eyes… humans are the same. They are all the same.” – Jung Hoo (Healer)


# “In my eyes, humans are the same. They are all the same. But, amongst all the similar humans, she’s somewhat different. How is she different?” – Jung Hoo 

# “She is like a leopard I saw in a documentary once. The leopard had a broken leg and had run into a hyena. The leopard was hurt and it was clear there was no chance. The leopard attacked first. The leopard did not back down. She’s like that too.” –  Jung Hoo 

# “It’s not my style to run and hide.” – Jung Hoo 

# “When two predators meet, there isn’t anyone who doesn’t fear. Everyone is afraid. However, it is the one who shows fear first that will lose their life first. Therefore, if someone is coming after you … before your weakness are revealed, attack them first. That is how you survive in the Animal kingdom.” – Jung Hoo 


# “It’s not that she’s brave because she doesn’t know any better. She is brave despite knowing how scary it is.” – Jung-Hoo 

# “You’re a piece of trash that can’t even be recycled” – Young Shin

|Episode 6|

# “Once you pay off your debt … what happens then?” – Min Jae
    “I’m going to leave.” – Moon Ho
    “To where” – Min Jae
    “Somewhere either really cold, or really hot. Because my whole life .. has been too       lukewarm.” – Moon Ho

# “Joong ho’s never left anyone in his world. He’s always been the one to get abandoned and be left behind.” – Min Ja (Ajummah :P)

# “There is nothing in this world that matters more than knowing your own taste and preference.” – Elder

|Episode 7|

# “There’s no need for people who are never going to meet again to say farewell. What would they say? It’s stupid.” – Jung-Hoo

# “Unrequited love is … something you’re forced to do because there is no exchange of feelings.” – Young Shin

# “The law is usually like that. The upper-class people find their way out and the lower class always get caught up because they have no idea.” – Chi Soo

# “The question has to be clear, in order for the answer to be clear.” – Moon Ho

# “I guess there is a destiny for a mad truth too. That’s why it drags people in.”  

# “The truth doesn’t always end with happiness. Sometimes it can be hell.” 

# “They say he’s always alone. He’s alone in the darkness. No one must recognize him. Why? Because he has to be alone. That feeling… you can’t even imagine it, can you? I know that feeling. I felt that way once when I was younger. I wished that no one… would look at me… or know me… so that I could just be alone.”- Young Shin

|Episode 8|


# “After my mother left, I’ve never cried because of a person. I didn’t hope for anything from another person either. The things I hate the most in this world … are a human’s understanding and attention.” – Jung-Hoo

# “From the time I was left alone until now … I never expected anything from people. So I was okay. Whether someone misunderstands or understands me … it didn’t matter to me at all. I was like that.” – Jung-Hoo 

|Episode 9|

# “Trust. Trust this one time. Then you’ll be able to trust more and more.” – Young Shin

# “If you can have one person you can truly trust and rely on … no matter how often you get stabbed in the back you don’t get that hurt” – Young Shin

# “I thought I could meet him if I waited. I thought he’d come from behind me … woosh in, and appear before me. But he’s not coming. That person, I know he has something he wants to say to me. He shouldn’t be staying silent like this. I’m ready to hear what he has to say. I have things I want to say to him too. But he’s not coming. I guess he’s not coming.”- Young Shin

|Episode 10 & 11|

# “Instead of waiting for someone who is coming , why don’t you consider me? – Jung-Hoo

# “I think it will be okay if I tell Chae Young Shin who I am and ask her to come with me. At first, she’ll probably try to beat me up for lying to her up till now. She’ll probably kick and hit me… But I think she’ll get over it soon, that’s what she’s like. She’ll sing a strange song and dance an outrageous dance, she’ll get over it quickly.” – Jung-Hoo 

# “I … have no reason to live. And I’m afraid … I’ll be like my dad. That one day, I’ll just decide…I better just end it now. That I’ll say, I can’t do this anymore. I’m scared I’ll be that way. Is that what my father did? My father…Did he also not have a reason for living?”
– Jung-Hoo

|Episode 12 & 13|


# “Even if I get hurt, there is nothing I can do. It’s okay even if she doesn’t know. I still want to be there for her. Don’t tell me to run away. I don’t know how to run away.” – Jung Hoo

# “No matter what kind of relationship or what level, there is always money involved.” – Moon Ho

# “I didn’t take you. I waited. I waited and you came. You came next to me and held my hand first…I could have waited longer but you came to me faster than I thought. Young Shin, you’re so impatient.” – Chan Soo

# “I will protect them because I’m a friend of their father’s.” – Young Jae

|Episode 14 & 15|

# “He is like a family to me. I ought to know when a family has died.” – Moon Ho

# “Just cry. It’s okay to cry. So cry, Jung-hoo. ” – Moon Ho

# “Aren’t you scared? Don’t you know who I am? I’ve hidden a lot of things , yet you aren’t leaving.” – Jung Hoo 
“If you send me away … you’ll cry forever.” – Young Shin

# “I thought it was a dream, I usually don’t dream. This is some kind of a huge dream, so I am confirming what she said over and over. Is it real?” – Jung Hoo 

# “In this world, there are too many people whose name doesn’t appear even in one line of a newspaper, no matter how unjustly they have been killed. We will not be able to listen to all of these people’s stories, but we wanted to listen to the story of at least one of these people. We…remember you. We did this broadcast today to let you know that. Thank you for being with us today.” – Moon Ho

|Episode 17|

# “The last words my real mother said to me was to not say anything. That’s probably why I didn’t talk when I was young, I listen well right? I thought I was abandoned, I must have been scared? that if I don’t smile, if I would ask something they don’t like, I’m scared people might grow tired of me, that they would want to abandon me.” – Young Shin

# “People don’t have a long memory when it comes to other people’s affairs.” – Moon Sik

|Episode 18 & 19|

# “Try closing your eyes just once. Then open them again. Then you’ll see things you didn’t see before. That is called growth.” – Elder

# “I see now why I could never love you.” – Ji Won

# “I don’t know who I’m fighting right now.” – Jung Hoo

|Episode 20|

# “What man in their right mind would ask their women to become a fugitive.” – Jung Hoo

# “Who measures love by the duration of time? Even if it’s for a day .. the depth and the authenticity … that’s what’s truly important.” 


# “When I hold onto his hand, the feeling that it’ll all be okay spreads from my hand and through my entire body. It’s quite amazing. It’s the world’s only hand that lets you know ‘everything will be okay.” – Young Shin

# The things I like: High up places, first snowfall, small hands, white blanket .. her hair.
Things I don’t like: Everything that keeps me away from those very things. (Jung Hoo)

The things I like: 
The sound of the camera shutter he makes, his big hands, smiling eyes and big embrace.

Things I don’t like: Everything that keeps me away from those very things. (Young Shin)



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