Akatsuki No Yona Manga Quotes

Quotes From ‘Akatsuki No Yona’ Manga – 

# “You can go anywhere, as long as you survive!” – Hak
# “Don’t die hak. Because if you do .. I wont forgive you.” – Yona
Hak x Yona
# “Ever since we were little … I can’t help but lose all self composure when I’m with the princess” – Hak 
# “That sky the three of us looked up together … doesn’t exist anymore.” – Yona
# “Use me so that you can live. That .. that is what I’m here for” – Hak
# “Before I question the Gods, there are question I should ask myself” – Yona
# “But I know … when I become the king, both Hak & Yona will not be by my side. On warm days like those, I was just a little uncertain. But now, my ‘right hand’ is gone. The girl who gave me warmth is gone as well. I trampled them and cast them aside … to come this far. That’s why … I will not doubt anymore!!” – Soo Won

I’ll keep on updating this article as I continue reading the manga and find more quotes to put in here. 😀 So stay tuned ~

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