Fruits Basket – Anime Quotes

Anime Quotes – Fruits Basket


♦ “She was my spring. I was snow, I´d frozen somewhere along the line in my dark cage… and she was a fresh, bright spring.

♦ “All I can do is watch over them so that they don’t make the same mistakes”

I have two wonderful friends named Hana-chan and Uo-chan. I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you’re always by my side. It would be a sin if I weren’t properly grateful for that.”

♦ “What does snow become when it melts?”
♦ “Being selfish sometimes, it’s no big deal. I wouldn’t like it if somebody was selfish every single day…but that isn’t the way you are. You can be selfish every once in a while.”

♦ “No matter how cold it is now, spring will come again.”

♦ “But now I finally know. I’d wondered why you won’t hold me in your arms. But this makes sense. It’s scary, huh? Of course you wouldn’t want people to know. Of course you’d keep people at a distance. Especially someone you loved. But don’t be scared. Don’t reject me. I’m glad I met you, Hatori. Falling in love with you brought me happiness. I want to be with you.”

♦ “Even I have someone who’s always there for me.”

♦ “The thing is, Tohru was the first friend we ever had. And she saved us, in a lot of ways.”

♦ “Trivial but precious moments. Maybe that’s what I was looking for.”

♦ “I’ve decided to live my life bearing all my memories. Even if they’re sad memories, memories that only ever hurt me…memories that I sometimes wish I could forget…If I can bear and face those memories…and work hard to accept them, then, one day…One day, I believe I can become someone who isn’t defeated by those memories.I want to believe I can.”

♦ “I want to believe that there isn’t a single memory that’s okay to forget.”

♦ “So the truth is… I didn’t want Mama to forget about me. I wanted her to try her best for me. But that’s my own selfish wish. So that’s a secret.”

♦ “I´m glad that I came. I got to see you dressed up so cute, too.”

♦ “There will be many times when things are tough, but many fun times will be waiting for you, too. That’s what it seems like to me.”

♦ “She’d say that she was red, because she was the Crimson Butterfly. And that Tohru’s dad, a straightforward man, was white. Mix, those, and you get pink for Tohru.”

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