My Top 10 favorite Korean drama of 2016

2016 was undoubtedly a golden year for all the Kdrama fans.  We got to watch few amazing series, that made us smile when we were feeling down and taught us few life lessons. So on a random Sunday evening, I decided to sit and look back to the dramas of that glorious year. And here are my top favorite ones listed below – 


1. Moon Lovers –
I’ll admit shamelessly that I was a trash for Scarlet Heart Ryeo. Starting from the first episode to the last, I was hooked into this series the entire time. Lee Jun Gi as Wang So took my fangirling to a whole new level.


2. Weightlifting Fairy –
Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo was like a hidden gem I found while searching for pebbles. “A story about a weightlifter? This drama is soo not my type!”, that’s what I was thinking before watching this drama. But I was wrong all along and fell in love with this drama before I even knew it.

3. W – Two Words –
A comic book character that stole everyone’s heart! Yes, I’m talking about our favorite Lee Jong Suk as, who swept all the fangirls off the floor all over again. The unique storyline of the drama was not enough, they had to put Lee Jong Suk’s charming personality and the adorable lead couple in the drama, making it a must watch.


4. Moonlight Drawn By Clouds – 
I could give you a hundred reasons why you need to watch this show, but I’ll just share one for now, and that one reason is Park Bo-Gum. He was amazing in this drama, like all his previous ones. And the main lead couple was beyond adorable. ❤

5. Descendants of the Sun –
The Kdrama that created a Hallyu Wave all over the world. Yes, I’m talking abut everyone’s favorite DOTS. I can’t stop counting how many people became Kdrama fans after watching this series. Love story between a soldier and a doctor. What’s there not to like? 😛  


6. Goblin –
When I first heard about the Kdrama Goblin, I never thought I’d be that much interested in it. But the trailers were soo compelling that I had to give it a try, Adorable cast, mind-blowing cinematography and amazing OST, Goblin had these all. Got hooked into this drama from the very first episode, and even though somewhere in between the excitement kind of felt missing, I’d still recommend this drama to everyone who is looking for something different.

7. Doctors Crush –
Doctors Crush was a Kdrama unique in its own way. It gave me a heartwarming feeling while watching this show. I felt very inspired inside, and very motivated. Need to mention that I loved Park Shin in her role in this series. 🙂

8. The K2 – 
A romance-thriller drama with Ji Chang-Wook as the main lead. What else do you need? 😛 The drama was brilliant, with thrilling moments and awesome fighting scenes. The amazing cast and their acting made my little journey of watching this series worthwhile.


9. Legends of The Blue Sea- 
Lee Min Hoo and Jun Ji-Hyun as main leads, so I already knew that this drama was going to be a massive hit. The supernatural theme plus unique storyline made this drama everyone’s favorite.

10. Cheese in The Trap – 
Well, you know that the Hype was real. 😛 When Cheese in the Trap was airing, everyone was literally talking about it. The twist and turns of the story made the drama so amazing to watch. The ending was a bit different, but nonetheless, it’s a worth watching show. 

So here are my top tens. What’s yours? Don’t forget to share with me. 😀 

18 thoughts on “My Top 10 favorite Korean drama of 2016

  1. Lol so I know I have odd tastes, but these really were my favorites. W: Two Worlds is actually my now all-time favorite drama. ^^

    1. W Two Worlds
    2. Signal
    3. Marriage Contract
    4. Entertainer
    5. Bring it On, Ghost
    6. Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim
    7. Goblin
    8. When a Snail Falls in Love (Chinese) or if Cdramas don’t count, Shopping King Louis
    9. Seven First Kisses (It was absolute fluff but had all my favorite actors.
    10. Sweet Stranger and Me

    Again, that’s only if Cdramas don’t count. If they do, just knock Sweet Stranger and Me off the bottom and shift everything down one to add in Shopping King Louis. ^^ I’m glad you had a great Kdrama year! What do you think of 2017 so far?

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      1. Imaya

        @CozyBooks-and-Life: Woow that’s cool. You’ve got some cool names there. I gotta try a few of these dramas I guess. 😀


    1. Imaya

      The ending was disappointing, I agree. but the whole journey of watching this series was one hell of a roller coaster ride of mixed emotions. 🙂


  2. GabyCro

    K2 and DOTS, loved cast, ost and so much more things in this 2 dramas, but it was hard to watch it after maybe 4-5 ep. Still can’t get why was it boring for me. And must agree with you regrading 2&4 dramas from your list. Aww ☺

    That said, my list:
    1. Goblin
    2. Signal
    3. Romantic doctor, teacher Kim
    4. Scarlet
    5. Marriage Contract
    6. Answer me 1998 just bc I love all replay dramas

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    1. Imaya

      Reply Series Dramas are one of a kind. ❤ I haven't put 'Reply 1988' on this list cause it started on 2015, or else this would be my top fav drama of 2016 without any doubt. 😀


  3. Strong woman Do bong Soon for 2016 and fight formy way for 2017 are the best Rom Com dramas I’ve watched. As well as the dramas mentioned above. They’re the bst of 2016 for me.❤


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