Top favorite ‘Descendants Of The Sun’ moments

top favorite dots moments

My top 10 favorite moments from ‘Descendants Of The Sun’

1. Their first meet-

I loved how they met out of nowhere and something just occurred between them like magic. Is that what you call love at first sight? May be. 🙂

descendants of the sun (1)

I don’t think I’d find anyone who didn’t love the way Song Joong Ki flipped the mobile in midair. 😛

2. Reunion at Urk –

descendants of the sun gif

One of my favorite moments! Song Joong ki coming out of the plane and walking towards Song Hye Kyo, plus the background music … ahh breath-taking!!

3. That famous hug ❤

dots gifjin go gif

That was probably the first time Seo Dae Young expressed his hidden feelings for Yoon Myeong Joo. Do I need to say more?  I think the GIF(s) say it all.

4. Wine Kiss – 

dots wine kiss

I went all kyaaaaa!! Tell me who wouldn’t? :p

5. Tying the shoes –

song joong ki gif

My most favorite moment of the drama. The scene was subtle without any cliche or exaggerated romantic dialogues; perfect from every angle. It was brief but felt very emotional and genuine. I was was almost in tears. sniffs

6. The whole after earthquake period –

The few episodes covering the after effects of the earthquake were full of heart-aching moments. The unexpected deaths, the sacrifice, the turmoil of emotions; all that plus Lee Chi Yeon’s struggle with his inner-self (take a bow Onew, for delivering us such emotional tear jerking scenes) were little pieces of amazing moments. 

7. Big-boss to the rescue –

song hye kyo and song joong ki

Starting from Kang Mo Yeon‘s kidnapping to the thrilling rescue mission, the whole arc was genuinely full of drama and emotion. Even though I knew BigBoss would end up saving his girl without any major causalities, the excitement was hard to manage.

song joong ki crying

My personal favorite was the scene where Yo shi jin‘s was shedding tears in silence, holding the picture of his old comrade he just had to kill. With his amazing acting skill, Song Joong Ki literally made me cry a river while watching that scene. 😦

8. The heartfelt confession –

I’d be honest here, there were times when I was literally getting mad at Kang Mo yeon for denying her true feelings and not standing up for her love . But then this scene happened, and she won my heart all over again. ❤

9. Death of BigBoss & Wolf – 

song hye kyo dots

Even though I kinda knew that they were not dead (it was obvious duh :P), the heart breaking scenes following their assumed death was quite hard on me. 😦

10. The Final Reunion ❤

top dots momenttop dots moments

The reunion of our favorite pairs was undoubtedly full of drama. Big Boss and Wolf’s survival was predictable, however to watch them getting reunited with the love of their lives felt immensely satisfying. ^_^


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