‘Sakamichi No Apollon Quotes’

Quotes – Kids on The Slope / Sakamichi No Apollon

# “You finally came for me.” – Kawabuchi Sentarou

# “What are you scared of? Nothing good has ever come from fear.” – Kawabuchi Sentarou

# “Jazz is the only music for me.” – Kawabuchi Sentarou

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# “What can you see beyond the hill? Is it an outlook that I’ve never seen?” – Nishimi Kaoru

# “I have so many things to look forward to that I can’t wrap my head around it … ” – Nishimi Kaoru

# “Don’t think you need to do anything complicated at first. All you really have to do is hit the keys.” – Nishimi Kaoru

quote kids on the slope

# “Why do I feel so happy when this girl smiles?” – Nishimi Kaoru

# “It happened in an instant. I didn’t realize what had just taken place … but when it comes to falling in love, you don’t need a reason or time.” – Nishimi Kaoru

# ” Her (Ri-chan) eyes are on him. She’s always thinking of him. Still, that doesn’t bother me right now. You taught me that it was possible to fall in love like this.” – Nishimi Kaoru

# “Even though I’m surrounded by people I’m always alone here.” – Nishimi Kaoru

# “Am I jealous of him? Because he has the thing I wish for more than anything, but can never have.” – Nishimi Kaoru

# “When I’m with him, his stupidity rubs off on me!” – Nishimi Kaoru

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# “Unlike love affairs, friendship is for life.”

# “Those words that I couldn’t ask flew away somewhere with this scenery.” – Nishimi Kaoru

# “It still hurts a little …  but I will have to get used to it eventually. The pain will go away and I should be able to relax and smile again.” – Nishimi Kaoru

# “Sometimes life is like jazz,and goes in an unexpected direction.” – Nishimi Kaoru

# “My body feels light…It’s as if I’ve been born again…I feel like I’ve got wings on my feet.” – Nishimi Kaoru

# “We’re like family, so I couldn’t stand the thought of causing you pain.” –

# “I wish everyone would just stop falling in love.” – Nishimi Kaoru

sakamichi no apollon quote

# “If you’re not the same person you once were, then I can become a new person too.” – Yurika

# “I’m not muscular and maybe I’m not as manly as I should be, but when it comes to my feelings for you, Ri-chan, I’m second to no one!” – Nishimi Kaoru

# “My own favorite things are … the footsteps of a certain person heading towards the house, the sound of the piano and drums riffing in the basement … and the laughter of two boys.” – Ritsuko

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# “Even before Ri-chan said hers, I had something in mind. My “favorite thing” is this time … right now.” – Nishimi Kaoru

# “Why do I end up hurting the ones I most want to protect? ” – Kawabuchi Sentarou

# “It’s okay to cry, Sen. You’ve been keeping it bottled up all this time.” – Nishimi Kaoru

# “You can’t just wait. You need to make things happen yourself.”

# “I’ve been trying to forget him all this time, but my heart is beating fast. There is no way I can stop this rhythm in my heart.” – Nishimi Kaoru



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