Hirunaka No Ryuusei – Quotes

Hirunaka No Ryuusei/Daytime Shooting Star – Quotes

A collection of all my favorite quotes from ‘Hirunaka No Ryuusei’. This Manga is my current obsession, so I tired to post every single quote that touched my heart, even a little bit. So there are quite a few of them and all the quotes won’t fit into this article alone, so I’ll probably finish updating all the quotes in part 2. 🙂

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# “He emitted a light as bright as that of a falling star..” – Suzume
# “Being by yourself is actually very lonely. Where did yesterday’s happiness go?” – Suzume

# “As friends, just giving you a pat on the shoulders is not enough.” – Suzume
# “Bit by bit … the thing that is changing … is it my surroundings or myself?” – Suzume
# “To this person, I am …. no matter what I do, from the very start, I’m just one of his students.” – Suzume
# “And I’m running away from my unsure feelings. In the end … do I just want to feel like I’m in love with someone?” – Suzume
# “Love or something like that … you wouldn’t get an answer no matter how much you think about it. It’s not Japanese or Math. It doesn’t need reasons. You’ll be aware of it when that person is next to you.”- Yuyuka Nekota 
# “Yeah that’s right. It’s suffocating and painful. My heart is pounding at full throttle. You can almost hear it. I’ll never deny that I’ve ever had these first feelings. I’ll treasure these sparkling feelings, never averting my eyes from them.” – Suzume
# “Our minds don’t work the way we expect them to” – Suzume
# “Other peoples minds aside, not even my own mind flows in the way that I wish.” – Suzume
# “Sensei is like an ice-cream I eat on the porch on a fine day. And like the moment I leave my footprint on an unbroken expanse on snow in the morning. He is kind of like that happiness I vaguely feel.” – Suzume
# “Love isn’t always sweet.” – Nekota
# I did a lot of thinking. But my thoughts are meaningless, asking for the impossible. They are just an excuse. – Suzume
# “This Time for sure, I’m going to move forward.” – Suzume
# “The star I’d been yearning for was lighting up for someone else. That someone is not me.” – Suzume
# “Sensei is just like those shooting stars. They make me cry happy tears and make me want to catch up to get them. They flicker and I get dizzy and my heart flutters. They are the things that easily shakes my world. Although it’s ‘Unrequited’, I’ve always loved you Sensei.” – Suzume
# “If you … don’t feel anything for me, just leave me alone. I don’t want your tepid kindness.” – Suzume
# “This is weird. I even dreamt about this, but the words aren’t coming out. Even though she’s this close to me. Even though she’s this close … why … does she feel so FAR AWAY.” – Shishio
# “The wounds from that time have already become scabs” – Shishio
# “I feel like it would be better if I take a step back before I get too far. ” – Shioshio
# “I wonder … if I’ll be content this way. I still feel lacked somehow. This is not what I anticipated.” – Suzume
# “His words back then … still press down my throat … with happiness and sorrow.” – Suzume
# “If I call him, nothing is going to change. He is still going to say something nice to me. But .. I don’t need his pity. No I don’t.” – Suzume
# “Don’t judge me if you don’t stand in my position.” – Shishio
# “It’s not comfortable to cry by yourself, is it?”

Phew … that’s all for now. 🙂 I really had to spend a lot of time to collect & edit the pics, specially to write down the quotes word by word. So do credit me back whenever you’re using pics/quotes from this post. I’d feel inspired 🙂


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  3. I love you quotes, they were really amazing and I really LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE THIS MANGA SO MUCH, IT’S PROBABLY MY FAVORITE, lol. The manga really made my emotions go up and down like a roller coaster though, I really cried up a ocean lol.


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