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Some of my favorite quotes from the K-drama ‘Kill Me Heal Me’.
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#Remember, January 7th, 2015 at 10 o’clock on the dot … the time I fell for you!” – Shin Se Gi (Episode 1)

# “If you live while separating yourself into different people, is it fun?” – Oh Ri Jin
“Rather than saying it’s fun, it’s a way to save yourself from this cruel world. It could be the heart’s strategy. It is something like that.” – Oh Ri On (Episode 2)

# “The more a person has dark ambitions, he hides his true self.” (Episode 2)

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#I, who have this face and the look in my eyes, I’m Cha Do Hyun.” – Cha Do Hyun (Episode 4)

# “The best choice is your choice.” – Oh Ri On 


# “Even if what you choose may be wrong … even if you feel like running away when you feel tired, for you to escape more cooler and more elegantly, this Oppa will stand behind you with sneakers with wings.” – Oh Ri On (Episode 6)

# “Everyone has several people living inside them. There’s me who wants to die and the me who wants to live. I live everyday fighting with the me who wants to give up, and the me who wants to at least grab at straws.” – Oh Ri Jin (Episode 7)

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# “Oh Ri Jin, while playing ball, you’ve made the small mistake of throwing your ball at a monster living in his castle. I’ll give you back your ball, so please leave my castle. Leave. Don’t come back. If you’ve felt any compassion or curiosity towards me, then please get rid of it all. I’m not a wild beast that will turn into a charming prince after the magic wears off. I’m just a monster.” – Cha Do Hyun (Episode 7)

# Even though I have some shortcomings and faults, I have a family that will help me and embrace me. But this person … has no one. I have a lot of good memories that I can think of whenever I’m having a hard time, but this person doesn’t have anything like that. He lives each and every moment losing his memories and his time. I have a lot of people who love me, but even if this person has people that he loves, he can’t hold onto them. That’s why … I want to help him. I want to help him get out from his castle. And I want to let him know that if you want to be friends, you hold your hand out. And that it’s okay to grab onto someone else’s hand if they hold it out to you. – Oh Ri Jin (Episode 7)

# Remember this well. January 29, 2015. 10 PM. First consultation starting time. – Cha Do Hyun (Episode 8)

# “The time when a person helps someone is not decided by the person who is giving the help, but the person who is receiving the help.” – Oh Ri Jin  (Episode 8)


# “From now on, rather than “Kill me”, ask “Heal me”. Even if that happens, you guys will not die. You guys will be still alive in here. But you guys are no longer scattered pieces, but like connected puzzles, you will become a cooler picture. With the name of Cha Do Hyun, you guys will become a cooler person.” – Oh Ri Jin (Episode 8)

# “I promise you, Shin Se Gi. If you don’t stop me from doing these things after I mustered courage for the first time, if you don’t steal just the time I have with this person, I promise you tens, hundreds, and thousands of times. I promise that I’ll give my entire body and all of my time and memories to you in my next life. I promise that I’ll become your false image in my next life. So please, just don’t appear in front of this person. Please just don’t steal this love from me.” – Cha Do Hyun (Episode 9)

# “Making a coincidence was my first mistake. Making that coincidence into fate is the second mistake. Constantly encouraging her and making that fate into destiny is my third mistake. Letting you leave me by choice was my last mistake.” – Oh Ri On (Episode 9)

# “A person who has strong support is always full of confidence.” (Episode 12)

# “Why my heart had to be broken into pieces, what those pieces signify, I’m thinking of finding out. While finding my lost memories and putting together my heart that became pieces. I will see what kind of picture is completed. I’m not a substitute for father. I’m only Cha Do Hyun.” – Cha Do Hyun (Episode 12)

# “No matter how scary the nightmare is, it will always end sometimes.” – Cha Do Hyun (Episode 13)

# “If it folds in one go, then it’s thank you. If you open it up again then it’s lingering attachment. If you open it twice then it’s sadness. If you open it three times… it’s pain. After unfolding it over and over again and it becomes ragged, that’s how the heart gets ripped. And when ripped, just deal with it until you become numb. That’s how it is.” – Oh Ri On (Episode 13)

# “If you want to die, then die. But die tomorrow. If you feel it’s for you tomorrow as well, then die the day after that. If you feel the same pain the day after that, even if you die the next day and the day after that, it won’t be too late! If you live each day at a time like that, then a good day will definitely come. There will come a day where you’ll tell yourself, “I did a good thing of not killing myself back then!” – Oh Ri Jin (Episode 15)

# “She was the first person who held out her hand. She was the person who noticed that our eyes were different with one glance. She was the person who asked for my name. She was the person who waited anxiously for me to come back. She was the person who gave me the warmest snowman in the world. She was the person who told me words that were more comforting than a 1000 words. She was the person who could make me happy just from looking at her. She was the person whom I cant make it up to even if I atone for the rest of my life” – Cha Do Hyun (Episode 15)



# “Let’s go.” 
“To where?” 
“Anywhere. Lets run away. Starting from our scary memories.”
“Alright. Lets go. Wherever it is.
– Shin Se Gi & Oh Ri Jin (Episode 18)

# “For me, who was alone and didn’t have one person to rely on, it was dark and cold. For me, who was abandoned in the basement I fear, Mr. Cha, who came to look for me every night while putting his life on the line, you were my savior and hope. And so I was able to go through the pain. Thanks to you. That’s how I was able to endure it. As I waited for you. The reason why my mind wasn’t broken into pieces was probably because of you, Cha Do Hyun.” – Oh Ri Jin (Episode 18)

# “My imagination decides the size of my fear. Fear is something created by oneself, and is the fruit of one’s imagination! So now, confront your past. Don’t waste your imagination on your past that has already been concluded. Imagination should be left over for the future. For the sake of the future what’s going to happen ahead!” – Mr X (Episode 20)

# “Couple rings are the world’s sweetest handcuffs.” – Oh Ri Jin (Episode 20)


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# “There is a dark basement in everyone’s hearts. If ignored and is only observed, the darkness becomes thicker. You should muster your courage and go down stairs, then turn on the light. If you’re scared when alone, someone can hold your hand.” – Cha Do Hyun (Episode 20)

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