Start Up – Kdrama Quotes

# “The time spent together seemed to me so granted that I did not notice its value. And after all, every moment was a gift, so I made a decision … No longer to fill moments of my life with regrets.”

# “Dal-mi-yah. You’re a cosmos flower, and it’s still spring. Wait until fall, and you’ll bloom beautifully. Be patient.”

# “Every day, I am grateful for the choice I made that day. So you don’t need to be sorry. And from now on, you shouldn’t worry about me because my life will get even better.”

# “I know that she’s too good for me, but I keep wanting more. I keep getting more desperate.”

# “Grandma, dad told me that deserts would cover the entire world if it was sunny every day. We need rain and snow for plants and delicious fruits—like this tangerine—to grow!” 

# The Do San now, I’m still getting used to him. He’s like a different person at times. That makes me a little sad, but for some reason those few odd moments here and there excite me and make my heart flutter.

# “Do-san, I sometimes wonder. That spring, everyone and everything seemed to be leaving me. Without your letters, what would that spring have meant to me? I would have grieved over fallen flowers rather than enjoying the flowers in bloom. The only thing I remember from that spring would have been losing the person I love more than anyone without even getting to say goodbye. Thank you for being there for me that spring. Thank you for your letters. Back then, I believed that you existed. Now, I want to believe that you exist, Do-san. I miss you. So I think it’s time for me to find you, Nam Do-san.” – Dal Mi

# “What makes a great CEO?’ There’s no such thing. That’s as absurd as asking what makes a great politician. There are no right answers to politics or management. Why look for answers that don’t exist? So, instead of looking for answers, make choices. Whatever you choose, you’ll be criticized. You can’t make any decisions if you’re afraid of criticism. And if you can’t make decisions, you can’t be a CEO. What do you want to be? A good person or a CEO? Don’t be greedy. You can’t be both. Choose one. Just one.” —Han Ji Pyeong

# “I think I get it. You want to be as bright as the moon but you feel as though you’re just a star as tiny as a dust particle. Is that it? … You’re that star over there, the one that looks like a tiny dust particle. A fixed star that is much bigger than the moon. So don’t run away.” – Dal Mi

# “If you know why, you will overcome any how.”

# “Dal-mi stop crying. please stop crying. it was just for one day. i just wanted to make your dream come true for one day and stop. but that one day felt so nice that i missed my chance to stop…dal-mi i’m sorry, so please- – Do San

# “You aren’t supposed to say sorry. you are supposed to say i’m mistaken. say that you are the do-san i knew. why are you saying sorry? that means this was all lie. that means all of this was fake.” – Dal Mi

# “Was it fun? watching me get excited over those fake letters like an idiot, then announce i’d start a company like you when i was obviously in over my head. was it fun?” – Dal Mi

# “It was painful. when you looked at me, when you smiled at me, when you encouraged me. knowing that i didn’t fully deserve it tore me apart.” – Do san

# “The longer the wandering, the less confident it is. It’s difficult, but you have to decide. Only then you will overcome it. You can do it.”

# “Have you ever wandered on purpose? Today, I aimlessly wandered on purpose. Have you ever let yourself get soaked even though you had an umbrella? That’s what I did today. It was a sweltering day, and the rain totally cooled me down. After walking for 30 minutes like that, the rain stopped, and an unbelievably beautiful scene unfolded before my eyes. I saw a huge rainbow. It looked as though it’d grant me any wish. Then it suddenly hit me. It’s actually nice to wander aimlessly every once in a while. From time to time, it’d be wonderful to sail off without a map.” – Dal Mi

# “Does my dream have to be success? Can’t it be a person?” – Do San

# “Promise me. If you become successful, don’t call me. Don’t call me if you become rich and get married. Don’t call me if you’re happy. I don’t want to feel jealous. But call me… if you’re going through a rough patch. Come to me if it’s raining and you have nowhere to go like you once did. Don’t just stand in the rain. You know where to find the keys.”

# “When I get angry, I knit. For real. While I’m knitting, I try to picture it in my head. Smashing things and yelling at people. Stuff like that. That helps me calm down.What happened to your face? Did someone hit you? It’s not like that. I had a little fight. You had a fight? What kind of jerk picks a fight with Good Boy? It was my fault. I doubt it was your fault, Good Boy. Stop calling me that. I’m not a good boy. What do you mean? I’ve never met anyone as good as you.

# “Some people said something similar about a hundred years ago. When taxis first hit the streets, rickshaw pullers protested like you are doing now. If we prioritized their livelihood over innovation, we’d have rickshaws instead of taxis now.  Forget cellphones. We’d still be using old school phones with telephone operators. Is that the world you want? No, right? The same goes for our children and descendants. They, too, want the world to change for the better. I wish to make the world a better place. That’s why I’m doing this.”

# “I’m telling you this to be honest, not to make you uncomfortable. It’s just how I feel.”

# “I’m not a good boy. Grandma, you completely misjudged me. I’m a jerk who hurts other people with harsh words. I pretend to be the smartest in the world, but in reality, I’m just an idiot who knows nothing. I’m not a good boy.”

#  “Both Seoul and San Francisco’s latitude is 37° N. It’s almost the same. The difference in longitude is the reason why we’re 16 hours behind here, but it’s so peaceful here that it’s almost hard to believe we share the same sky.

# “You’re not the Do San from the letters. And I’m not your dream. We shouldn’t be unreasonable and hold on to an illusion. We should accept reality. We’re not kids anymore. We can’t dream forever, can we?”

# “Can you show up like that time again? You know, like at the networking party. You erased the most miserable period of my life. That day, you were my trophy, my pride, my comfort, my wings… You were my dream. Show up like that time again. It’ll give me back my confidence and I’ll be myself again.

# “And? – you have nice, big hands  .. my hands.”