Ao Haru Ride Live Action Review


Ao Haru Ride/Blue Spring Ride Review

Name – Ao Haru Ride (Blue Spring Ride)
Genre – Romance, Drama, Slice Of Life
Director: Takahiro Miki
Duration  – 2 hours

IMDB Rating – 6.9/10

Story – In a middle school, Yoshioka liked Kou who was unlike the other boys and quite gentle. Kou then moved away and they lost contact but in high school she meets Kou again. But now, he is not the same person anymore. *Source IMDB

My Review/Thoughts – I usually don’t prefer watching Live action movies, but I decided to give this movie a try anyways since Ao Haru Ride was one of my most favorite Anime. I wasn’t expecting much to be honest cause I have already watched quite a few Japanese live action movies and I know most of them turns out to be a disappointment. However Ao haru Ride surprisingly lived up my expectation. Despite all it’s flaws, I didn’t feel it was a waste of time to watch it. 

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Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji – Live Action


Wolf Girl & Black Prince – Live Action News

Live Actions Films can hardly live up to my expectations. However I feel no less excited whenever I get the news that one of my favorite Anime/Manga is getting Live action adaptation. It’s been confirmed that Ayuko Hatta’s famous shoujo manga Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji/Wolf Girl & Black Prince is getting a Live Action pretty soon and I’m already looking forward to it. The film is set to release this May in Japan. The character Erika Shinohara will be played by 20-year-old Fumi Nikaidou and popular actor Kento Yamazaki will play the character Kyouya Sata. 🙂

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