Itaewon Class Quotes

Kdrama Quotes – Itaewon Class


♦ “There it goes again. My heart feels Strange.”

♦ “Have you ever thought, ‘It would have been better if I wasn’t born.”

♦ “I understood what you meant and how much you loved me, Mom. I understood it all. I’m an ordinary person, but I was born smart and pretty. Acceptance to a prestigious university, getting hired at a big firm, living a successful life… plenty of people will fail even if they put in the effort, but I can achieve this if I try. The endless desire for success, the ensuing effort… the damn effort — I’ll likely be tired until I die, which is why I wish the world would explode instead.”

“I can’t sleep well at night. I feel nostalgic. Lonely and upset.”


♦ “It’s just … I want my bitter night and my life to be sweet.”

♦ “Now, I’m not drunk at all. This guy with a buzz cut just sprawled out drunk. But he looks cute. This is awkward. He says his night is bitter, but I want it to be sweet. I want to make his life sweet. The feeling I have now is the most foolish thing a human can do. And I can’t hold on to this impulse.”

♦ “You have no right to determine my value”

♦ “Time passes by. Every day is the same. And I was sick of it.”

♦ “Everyone is given the same amount of time. But I realized that the depth of the time he and I had spent is completely different.”


♦ “Life is a series of choices. Producing a result that matches your values. People call it a good choice or a correct answer.” – Yi Seo

♦ “Did the coin come up head or tails? Flipping the coin, which one did I wish for? I decided to call it tails.”

♦ “Love and success. I can achieve all those things.” – Yi Seo


“He’s not just a mediocre man. I will turn him into something amazing.” – Yi Seo  

♦ “I want to be with you. I mean… I want to work here. I will help you achieve your dream, Boss.”

♦ “A person with a clear goal can achieve many things.”

“I’m smart and clever. I can achieve both love and success.”

♦ “No matter who my opponent was, I eventually won. So, I’m not giving up.”


“I’m not depending on someone else’s dream. And I’m not going to live your dream either. I’m going to live for myself. It’s my life.”

♦ “Although it may be slow, I am taking the next steps, and you are my end goal.”

♦ “As a favor to my dad? You’ve got to be kidding me. The only thing you can do for my father is to get on your knees and receive fair punishment, and I’m going to make it happen.”

“Those three years were too long, and the only way I could bear the hell was thinking about revenge.”

♦ “Are you sure that Danbam is the small fish? Ro-yi hyung is stronger than you think.”

“In the racing bus, he talked nonstop about what his father meant to him, Jang Geun-won, the beginning of the ill-fated relationship with President Jang, the ensuing death of his father, the hidden truth, a friend named Lee Ho-jin, their plan for revenge, the time spent on the plan. He talked calmly and endlessly, and I listened carefully. I just listened.”

♦ – “You must’ve had a hard time all alone.”
   –  “A little.”


As I felt heartbroken by his past, I realized my feelings for him was love.”

“As I heard his calm voice, I was overwhelmed with emotion. I never want him to suffer alone ever again and I would kill anyone who hurt him. I love him. I really do.”

♦ “Emotions are shallow and inconsistent. They change according to the situation.” – Yi Seo

“I’m a rock. Go ahead and sear me. I won’t budge an inch because I’m a rock. Go ahead and beat me up. I’m a solid rock. Go ahead and leave me in darkness. I’m a rock that will shine all alone. I don’t break, ash, nor decay as I go against nature’s way. I survive. I’m a diamond.”

If you don’t like me, that’s just what it is. Work, age gap and all that, they’re just excuses. That’s the last thing I want to hear from you

“There are people who keep me strong. I wanted to repay them by making delicious food, that’s why I’m here. I work at the best pub in Korea with the most wonderful people. I too, will be the best.”

“I wanted to be happy. Without losing myself, I wanted to achieve everything I want. There were difficult days. Sometimes, I was nervous and afraid. How did I get through all that? With my loved ones, I’ve led a hectic life doing what I want to do. Staying with them. Sharing my life with them. In search of happiness.”

“You finally got it. That’s what life is. You can overcome anything as long as you’re alive.”

You always worked so hard for me. And you always got hurt. I can’t believe this. My mind and heart are both filled with you. Is this how you felt? I love you. I love you, Yi-seo. I love you so much.


“Happiness. The warmth I share with you. I’m already happier than I ever imagined I could be.”

“Follow my heart and be myself. A life without regrets regardless of consequences. That’s how I wanted to live. Have I been committed ? Now I regret that day a lot. Right now, I… I miss you like crazy.”

“The reason I can show my affection like that is because I am a competent employee who’s needed in the company. Whatever I say, he needs to have me around him.”

♦  “Not a single day was predictable for me. Some days were tough, and some days were sad. But something fun always came along, every once in a while. Its been happening a lot more often ever since you came. Every day is full of excitement. Who knows? One day, your boring life might turn into an exciting one.”

I had a plan for two years. But Geun-soo just ruined the whole thing. If that’s the case, I’m going for plan B.”

It was tough. “I can do this. Everything will be fine.” I kept telling myself this and tried really hard. But the truth is, everything always felt so burdensome. I missed you… And living my life based on hatred was really difficult. If I get the chance to be born again, I want to be born as your son.

“It’s servility. You’ve been tamed to my taste. I pressured everyone around me with power to tame them like that. It’s easy to control them. And I despise them”



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  1. Harlee

    This is the best, I have never seen someone giving more importance to the meaningful lines of Korean drama and Itaewon class is one of my favorite Korean drama.
    I was always hoping for a website like this and it has more than I expected and thank you for making it happen, I will continue to follow and be inspired by your work.

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    1. Imaya

      Thank you so much. Your words really mean a lot! Do share the contents with others as well so that we get inspired and can do better. ❤


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