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Tsubaki Chou Lonely Planet – Quote

Manga Quote – Tsubaki Chou Lonely Planet

ohno fumi

# “No matter how much I want to go back, I family or someone waiting for me, no longer exist.” – Ohno Fumi

# “Why is it that tonight … in the light of the moon … he seems so kind?” – Ohno Fumi

# “Why does my heart feel like it will break in two?” – Ohno Fumi Continue reading “Tsubaki Chou Lonely Planet – Quote”

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The Innocent Man – Kdrama Quotes

Korean Drama Quotes – The Innocent Man/Nice Guy

|Episode 1 & 2|

# “If you receive help, you should return the favor.” – Park Jae Gil

# “In Korea, if an ex-convict tries to make money the usual way an pay off his late father’s debt and pay for the hospital bills it’s almost impossible.” – Kang Ma Roo

# “You and I are two different people living in two totally different worlds. I knew that all along.” – Kang Ma Roo

# “That’s all because of global warming. Because of the weather, everybody is going crazy. The world is crazy and people are crazy, too.” – Park Jae Gil Continue reading “The Innocent Man – Kdrama Quotes”